Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{3} Chic DIY ornaments out of embroidery hoops!

Well, I'm back from vacation and Christmas is, like, two weeks away.  I feel a little frantic.  Taking off the first week of December {and last week of November} has a way of doing that I suppose.

I'm sure you already have your Christmas tree up and decorated, but if you're like me you still continue to add to it up until the "big day".

So, If you are looking for some inexpensive ways to spice up your Christmas tree {or just have a few odd holes that just need filling}, these DIY ornaments will do just the trick.

This isn't the first time I've utilized embroidery hoops.  I used them to make some decorative sphere's  awhile back...


also this really cool yarn wrapped wall art  for above my bed.

I love working with embroidery hoops for {two} reasons.  One, they are wood, need I say more?  And two, they are really inexpensive {and easy} to work with.  

For this project I used the smallest hoops I could find...I think they were 2 and 3 inch hoops.

I simply took them apart {each hoop comes with two hoops...an outer one with a metal clamp used for tightening and then an inner one} and then just messed around with them until I came up with something I thought looked decent.

The first ornament I call simply...sphere.

The second I call...spooning circles.

And the third ornament I call...the one with a yarn star {because as we all know, anything wrapped in yarn is totes cool!}

I spent about $1.50 and 5 minutes on each ornament.  Ahh, I love things that cheap, quick...and totally rad!!!  Don't you?

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