Monday, December 16, 2013

Birch Branch tutorial.

So, I decided that I really needed a new Christmas wreath for my front door.  I wanted something that would still look festive and fitting for the holiday, but unique at the same time. 

Then the other day when I was at JoAnn's I came across some birch branches.
I love birch...the smooth, round shape of the branches and the white, papery bark.  Ugh, it's just beautiful to me.

The branches at Joanne's were originally $14.99 for one, 48 inch branch but were marked fifty percent off...making them $7.50 each.

This seems to be a pretty good deal from the research I've done.  I also found some birch branches on Amazon.  The price was about $40 for four, 48 inch branches...making them $10 a piece which isn't too bad.

I set out cutting down my brach into 1/4 inch discs...not fun when the miter saw is in the garage and the temperature outside is 15 degrees.  After several cycles of cutting and running inside to thaw out I had cut down my entire branch into an armload of wooden discs.

Then, using piece of cardboard from an old box, I cut out a ring to use as my wreath base.  If you don't have a piece of cardboard lying around you could use foam core board or anything sturdy enough to support the weight of the wreath.
I made the cardboard ring three inches wide and it measured approximately 15 inches in diameter.  You can adjust those measurements to you liking if you want your wreath bigger, smaller, wider, thinner...

Then I used my trusty old glue gun to attach all of the discs to the cardboard ring.
I started by attaching a row of discs down the center of the cardboard ring, then added a row on either side of it.  It's okay if the discs hang over the cardboard because you won't see it anyway.

Then I just continued layering my wood discs.  I added two more rows on top of the bottom three to cover the gaps, then finished with one more row on top.

The finishing touch was this aztec print bow at the bottom of the wreath.

And here's how it looks on my turquoise door...that I'm still debating on painting, but can't decide what color.

I love the earthiness of this wreath.  It would look great in a farmhouse style home, but would also look great in a modern styled home.  It's super versatile.  I also love that you could leave it up on your front year round if you wanted too.  And the thing I love best of all, that it only cost me about $10 to make it.

Birch branch...$7.50 {Joanne Fabric and Craft}
Black and White Aztec Print Ribbon...$4 {Joanne Fabric and Craft}
Glue...{free- already on hand}
Cardboard Ring...{free-from an old box in the garage}

Four words peeps...Merry Christmas to Me!

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