Hello bloggy peeps.  Welcome to RETROPOLITAN.  My name is Erika {but I also go by mom, mommy, mother and your majesty} and I am a DIYaholic. 

I am a wife to my stud muffin {aka. Studly}

and mother to our 5, ridiculously active kids.

Carter{aka. luscious locks}-13


When I'm not chaffeuring kiddies around to various activities or working on a project you will most likely find me hiding in my bedroom, watching HGTV/DIY network, or on the internet looking for my next undertaking...preferably with a cupcake and sugary beverage in hand.

I am a self professed cheapskate. I love the name brand look without the name brand price.

My favorite stores are the D.I. (Utah's version of Goodwill/Salvation Army), Ikea, TJ Maxx and Ross when I'm buying...and Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware when I'm looking...for ideas to knock of that is.
I would classify my style as traditional, intermingled with a little farmhouse and a pinch of modern. It's an ecclectic mix, what I like to call...Hodge Podge hip. Oh, and I love the color turquoise.  In my opinion, anything goes when decorating so long as you like it.

I hope you find your time here enlightening and inspiring.
Thanks for stopping in.