Friday, January 24, 2014

The easiest project ever! Ever!!!

Wow!  Has it really been a month since I last posted?!?

I might be ashamed of that fact,  if it weren't for the super important project I've been working on..."being mommy".  Ya, I pretty much bailed on you guys so that I could focus my total and complete attention on five of my very best kids!  

Things were a little crazy going into the holidays and I could tell my kids needed some attention, especially my daughter who has special needs.  She's been struggling a little and I just needed to take some time off to focus on her for bit.

Anyway, things appear to be on the up and up now and the blogging/crafting/projecting has officially resumed!  

I decided to ease myself back into things with The World's Quickest and Easiest Project Ever...Ever!!!

I am totally serious this project literally took me five minutes to make and cost only $3.  Intrigued?  Here's how it went down.

You need only TWO supplies...a glue gun and a floor mat.  You know how much I love the $3 floor mats from Ikea

I hopped on Ikea's website and here are some of the floor mats they have in stock currently...all for just $2.99!

 I've used these mats to make all sorts of things floor poufs, roman shades and now pillow covers.

To get started:
1- I plugged in my glue gun.
2.  I folded my floor mat creating a little pocket or envelope.

3- I hot glued both sides of the mat.

{note: you over achievers could sew up both sides instead of gluing.  My machine was having issues that day, so I made it easy on myself and just hot glued it.  I always have the option of going back and sewing it up later...if need be.}

4- I flipped the mat inside out.

5- I shoved an old accent pillow inside.

And VOILA.  Done!

Can you believe this pillow cover only cost $3 and took only 5 minutes to make?  

What I love most about these pillow covers, besides being super easy and cheap to make, is that they are removable.  If you need to wash it or just want to change it out, all you have to do is remove the insert and you're good to go.  And because they are made from something meant to be walked on, they are super durable.

And apparently fringe is the totally "in" thing right now.  I found this similarly styled pillow at Target recently
{Nate Berkus for Target- regularly $24.99, but currently on sale for $17.48}

So, today's tip of the day:  Ikea floor mats and glue guns are totally rad...especially when they are used to make these awesomely cheasy {cheap + easy} pillow covers.

Finally, I just thought I'd leave you with this anxiety provoking image:

Check back soon to see why my bedroom looks like a closet threw up in it!

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