Monday, November 25, 2013

And the winner is...

Vicki T!

Vicki, I hope you enjoy your new Christmas pillows and kensie product {of your choosing}.

I have professed my love for kensie before and will do it again. 

 I love kensie.  

I own several kensie items, my most recent acquisition being a very fashionable and equally comfortable leopard print sweater/sweatshirt hybrid.  I feel super sassy when I wear it...which is quite often.  I love all of my kensie items and I hope you enjoy your new kensie product too.  I know you will.

In other news, I will be signing off for a week.  The fam and I will attempt a trip to the "happiest" place on earth.  That's right Disneyland, here we come.  I'll let you know if Disneyland is, in fact, the "happiest" place on earth as it professes to be when I get back.  

In the meantime...happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe and eats lots of turkey!

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