Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Metal Decorative Spheres

For any of you who missed my contributer's post over at Lovestitched last week, here it is.  I bring you:  Decorative Spheres...heavy metal edition...rock on peeps, rock on.

Do you ever get in one of those moods where you wanna start a project, but not one that will take days...weeks...months to complete- just something easy, cheap, awesome and super quick.

Well then, I have just the project for you.

We've all seen 'em.  In fact, some of you probably have some in your home.
They are decorative spheres. 


Decorative spheres are totally the bomb.  Just think of all the awesome things that are round...the earth...the sun...gumballs. 

Spheres provide great filler for bookshelves and containers, and are the perfect accessory for tables, countertops or any empty space really.  Spheres help add visual interest to any decor and can also add an element of softeness to a space.

The metal spheres I'm going to show you how to make would also be a great addition to an outside garden or sitting area.  Just think of the lovely, rusted patina they would develop over time.

To begin, you need to gather your supplies:

Screws and bolts {8 of each are required for one sphere.  A package like the one pictured above costs about $.98}

Metal strapping {$5- available at any home improvement store}

A round container for measuring your metal strapping {in this case a ginormous jar of peanut butter, cause that's how we roll}.

 Start by measuring your strapping.  Do this by wrapping it around your circular container.
Do this four times.

Now you can begin assembling your sphere
Then add a second hoop and secure the top and bottom with a screw and nut.

Then add a third hoop and secure it at the top and bottom as well.
Add your fourth and final hoop around the circumference of your sphere.  This will stabilize and support your sphere.  Be sure to add a screw and nut every where the the strapping intersects itself.

And voila!  That's it, you're done.  This project is super quick, super easy and super cheap. 

I love the cool, industrial look of these orbs.  Somehow they also managed to stay classy and sophisticated. The one's I made ended up on my bookshelf.

Look how awesome they could be with a rusted finish.
Iron Sphere - Rusted in Garden Ornaments eclectic outdoor decor
Once upon a time you could buy metal paint and rusting meduim.  I want to try and track some down so that I can make my orbs look all old and rusty.  They are fine they way they are, but I think a little rust might make them even that much better. 

These powdered coated spheres are a fun variation.  Something like this would look fabulous on a deck or patio table.

Now I am thinking of making one ginormous orb and turning it into a ceiling light.  Something along the lines of this:

I really love the look of wood, so naturally I had to try out a wooden version too.  I made these out of wooden embroidery hoops and thumb tacks.

These spheres are 8, 9 and 12 inches in diameter.

When it was all said and done, I ended up spending about $2 for each metal sphere.  I was able to make 3, 4in. diameter spheres and 1, 7in. diameter sphere out of one $5 package of metal strapping.  The wooden spheres cost about $3 a piece {each sphere took two embroidery hoops at $1.50  each}.  I'm not sure how much something like these would cost retail, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't get them for $2 or $3.   


  1. I LOVE the wooden ones made from embroidery hoops--clever and cheap!

  2. For your metal ones, you could try putting them together with a grommet tool like Crop-A-Dile so you don't have the long part of bolts showing through. I love how cheap and easy this is! Great Knock-off!

    1. That's a great suggestion. I have never heard of a crop-a-dile before. Definately worth looking into. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, this is a really creative way to use steel strapping! I’ve always wondered how they made those metal spheres, and now, I know exactly how to make some of my own! I think these steel strapping spheres are great for garden lighting. I could stick a candle in there, and hang them from the trees or the ceilings. I’m glad to know the strapping can be painted as well, I can really go nuts with the decoration on my spheres.

  4. Love them thanks for the idea.

  5. thanks for sharing. im going to try this

  6. Made one of these tonight from 'scraps' from the garage. Looks great and now sits in the garden. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Made one of these tonight from 'scraps' lying around in the garage. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Found you on Pinterest! GENIUS!!!

  9. Did you fill the holes, or are the lawn ornaments made from something else?
    Thanks, great idea!


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