Monday, September 9, 2013

Make It Monday...Anthro mirror knock-off

I came across this mirror from Anthropologie a little while back and really liked it, but I didn't much care for the price...$328.

Wanna know how I recreated the look for under $15 using wood embroidery hoops and yarn?  I knew you did.

Embroidery hoops are relatively inexpensive.  I used different size hoops ranging in price from $1.29 to $5.29 and purchased all of them at Hobby Lobby.

Each embroidery hoop comes with two inner ring, and an adjustable outer ring.  I used both.  In total, I purchased eight hoops and used all 16 hoops for this project.  You could use more and make it bigger, or use less and make it smaller.

I purchased...
 one 18 in. hoop
one 12 in. hoops
three 10 in. hoops
three 8 in. hoops

I began by laying the rings out on the floor until I found a pattern/design that I liked.  I attached the rings to each other by wrapping cream colored yarn around them.  Doing this also helped conceal the little, metal contraption that tightens the outer ring.  {You could also use, colored yarn, hemp, twine, wire...whatever floats your boat.}

I took me less than a half hour to attach all of the rings together...and have a completed project.  Don't you just love quick projects?!?

Here's a peak at how they all look attached together.

I ended up putting my creation in my bedroom.  I'm in the process of finally doing my master bedroom and have been searching for a large, graphic something to put above my headboard...this ring, wall decoration was perfect.  I love the fact that the rings are natural wood, but you could easily paint them or stain them a darker color.  

Once I get my wall painted {I'm thinking of painting it a dark grey} the art will really pop.

Not too shabby for a grand total of $14.09.  I saved myself nearly $315.

Tip of the doesn't have to be extravagant or pricy.  There is beauty to be found in everyday objects and things.  It's all just a matter of thinking outside the box, or hoop, as the case may be!

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