Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring cleaning and some other stuff

Did a little spring cleaning over the weekend, starting with my blog.  How do you like it?  It feels so much brighter and cleaner now.  If only it were so easy to do the same in my house.

Also, Beckie over at knock-off decor featured my wood veneer dresser redo, inspired by West Elm's patchwork dresser.

I mentioned in the origional post how surprised I was at how easy the veneer was to work with.  
I can't say if that is true for all veneers, but it was about the three types I used.

Anywho, this reminded me that I have still a bum load of wood veneer starting to collect dust.  I should start thinking of some projects I could do that would use some of it up.  Have you come across or made any cool projects involving wood veneer?

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