Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And...more gold, but with polka dots this time.

I stumbled upon this uber cute, gold, polka dot dress and was smitten.  

There's just something about the playfulness of the polka dots and the sophistication of the gold on white that I love.

I decided that I needed some gold polka dots in my house...and what better {and easier} way to add color and pattern than with accent pillows.  So, I took a cue from myself and picked up some $3 pillow covers from Ikea.

I love these pillow covers.  First, they are premade, so no sewing.  Second, they have zipper closures making it easy to change them out.  Third, they are really cheap so you are barely out anything...except for a few minutes of your time.
I used DecoArt brand, metallic craft paint and a paint brush...

which I applied to an apple juice lid, cause that's how we roll in these parts.  Just grab whatever crap is lying around and make it work for you.

I used the lid to stamp gold dots all over one side of the pillow cover.

Don't worry if the circles don't come out perfect.  It will look great once you're totally done.

But, before you start stamping dots, make sure you line the inside of the pillow cover with paper towels or napkins to prevent bleeding onto the other side.

Here's the completed pillow. 

 The rule of thumb when stamping is to stamp in a triangle...so, if you were to isolate any three dots that are next to each other, they would form a triangle.   Try to keep them spaced evenly.

What do you think?  Worth the $3 price tag.
{and I just realized I never took the wrapping off of Stud's lamp shade...Threshold by Target in case you can't see the label :)}

I think so!


  1. That is so cute! I'm a huge fan of white and gold!

  2. Love This! I'm defs taking this on for my next project. -Kate www.west5thlove.com


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