Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bathroom woes and a delivery.

I know that I said that the goal was to have the bathroom finished by the beginning of April...and here we are the six days into the month and my bathroom still looks like this.

The plumbers came out last week.  They moved pipes around capped off some vents and...fell through the rotten subfloor in the shower.

So, what we once hoped would be a quick and {reasonably} inexpensive renovation is fast becoming a long and pricey renovation. 

Before we can proceed with anything else, we have to rip out all of the sub floor and replace it.  The progess of the reno hinges on this one task now, as we cannot start laying tile until it gets done.  And we cannot begin installing the vanity or cabinets until we have tile on the floor.  Ugh!  At least there is something to be learned from this whole, grout the shower-very important detail!  And two, if you happen to buy a house with a non grouted shower, don't wait four years to address the issue- it could save you money in the long run. 

My frusteration was momentarily eased when I walked outside and came upon this.

It's the chandelier I bought to go over the tub space in the master craphole, I mean bathroom.
I love the vintage-ness? of this light and think it will be a great juxtaposition to the modern vanity and cabinetry we are bringing in.

It was a bit of a labor of love putting the thing together.  Every glass pendant had be attched by hand...and there 
were a bajillion of them.  

Hopefully I'll regain feeling in my finger tips soon.

But, it was all worth it when, before me stood this lovely and delicious piece of {hopefully soon to be illuminated} goodness.  

I was in such a great mood about it until I realized that I'd have to continue admiring her hanging from the pull-up bar in Studly's office becauase her permanent home was currently in shambles.  Oh well, maybe it'll be a great motivator for Studly to get crackin' on things, as he has to shimmy past it every time he enters or exits his office...because sharing a single bathroom with seven other people isn't motivation enough. 

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