Monday, October 7, 2013

I heart art!!! {3} inexpensive ideas for awesome art!!!

I love art...especially interesting, creative and one-of-a-kind art.  Rarely do I ever buy pre-done artwork...unless it's photo's of my kiddos.

Here are three inexpensive ideas for great artwork.

1.  Use pictures from old magazines or books.

My favorite pictures currently are from an old drawing book I picked up at the thrift store for $2.  I was able to get eight pieces of usable art from the book which works out roughly to 25 cents a picture.  Pretty awesome, right?

Here are my two favorites...

Animal inspired art is really hot right now, so I was beyond thrilled when I came across these deer images. 

They were perfectly fine, as is, but I wanted to customize them.  So, I colored in the antlers with a pink colored pencil.

Hard to believe these pictures only cost me a quarter a piece.

2.  Frame attractive cards and stationery.

I was recently at Target and somehow found myself in the card/stationery area.  I noticed this set of stationery on clearance for $3.  

The set came with three different patterns which worked out roughly to be $1 per picture.

Tribal prints are very "in" and I love the color combination of navy, peach, mint and orange.

 These letter sheets are every bit as functional being looked at as written on.

3.  Let your kids take the "creative reigns".

Framing your children's artwork and displaying it not only helps their self esteem, but also encourages their creativity...which I totally advocate.

I love the primitive and simplistic way kids see the world and how that translates onto paper.  This picture my daughter Avery drew makes me smile every time I see it.

I'm not particularly fond of the blue mat, but that can be changed easily enough.

I love they way the baby deer looks like it's totally freaked out by the the big deer.  It cracks me up.
This picture is one of my favorite.  Not only was it free, it is also one of the most sentimental pieces of art I have in my house.  Just plop down a pad of sketch paper in front of your kiddos and watch the creativity fly. 

So, what's the tip of the day...artwork doesn't have to be expensive in order for it to be worthy of being called art.  Try to channel your inner child and look outside the box when it comes to finding things to frame and put on your walls.     

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