Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Plaid is rad!?!

Have any of you noticed the re-emergence of plaid this fall?

Apparently, Tartan is a hot pattern this season...

I happen to love plaid.  I am a product of the nineties, grunge era after all. 

{I even owned a plaid couch when I first got married.
Not this exact one, but pretty close.}

But, if you're not quite on the "plaid is rad" bandwagon yet,  maybe this will help change your mind.

 This gray accent pillow by Threshold for Target  is perfect for adding a punch of plaid.  In fact, I've already purchased two.  I have weekend plans to curl up on them and listen to Pearl Jam whilst reminiscing about the time I lost my "mule" in a mosh pit.

I love this rug from cb2.  It's a playful and modernized version of the traditional print.  I love the fun, bright color combination.  I could totally see this in my teenage son's bedroom.
 I pretty much love anything from West Elm.  This wing back chair is no exception.  If Sherlock Holmes were a chair, this would be him.  Am I right?

I love this plaid dining chair from World Market.  One of these on either end of the kitchen table would look fab.  And the back of the chair is teal.  Need I say more.

And finally.  Plaid dishes.  I think I just found the first item on my Christmas wish list.  These plates are super cool and would make eating more fun than it already is if you ask me.
So, have I gotten you all excited about the "plaid" fad?  If not, that's okay.  But just be glad it's all about plaid and not denim overalls.  That's one nineties trend that should never be resurrected...unless you work on a farm.  Then it's totally okay.  

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  1. I LOVE's timeless! And I'm so excited that it's making a any form! I even like those old plaid sofas...just don't tell my husband! ;-)


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