Friday, October 11, 2013

Fab Find: The Road Less Traveled

I have a great appreciation for handmade things.  There is something so refreshing about an object that was created through the talents of an actual human being and not some mass producing machine.

Here's what happens when you throw talent, wool, wood, silk and whatever else into a pot and stir them all up...

National Geographic has just introduced a line of products inspired by the travels of one of their own explorers.  It becomes quite apparent that the notion of "handcrafted" is still alive and well in other parts of the world with these lovely creations made by local artisans from Indian, Thailand and Bali.  Although the techniques may be old, the end products are current and stylish...and beautiful.

Here are few of my favorite finds...who knew NatGeo was so cool?

{hand stamped, trellis print quilt}

{herringbone wool rug} 

 {handwoven teal and turquoise pillow}

{vintage kantha throws} 

{mango wood vase} 

{wool, striped shawl}

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