Monday, September 16, 2013

Make it Monday...DIY Glam pendant.

Last Friday I introduced this...
white, faceted serving bowl from Target- $9.99

But when I saw it, I didn't plan on using it in the kitchen.  I planned on using it for this...

I thought long and hard about how to customize the bowl.  I toyed with painting some of the facets in pastel colors or outlining the facets in gold, but finally settled on just painting the inside of the bow gold.

I think it gives a much more expensive, glam vibe...which is what I was going for.

I initially thought I would make two pendants and use them in the master bedroom for lighting over the nightstands.  

But, in the process of drilling the holes for the cord to go through, I cracked one of the bowls.  DANG!!!

And in case you are wondering how I did it, I used one of these bad boys...1 1/2 inch hole bit.
Depending on what cord/cord kit you use, you may have to adjust the bit size.  

I used a cord kit from Ikea...
Hemma cord kit...$5.00

I learned the hard way that steady {yet gentle}, even pressure is needed {and a little water to cool the bit while drilling} or the melamine will crack.

Because I got a little hasty, I'm now left with only one light, but I'm sure I'll be able to find a home for it {or maybe I'll just buy another bowl and make another.}

And because I always like to know that I'm getting an awesome deal, I searched the web for similarly styled faceted pendants...

They are beautiful, but way out of my price range...$380-$430

This light was a little less expensive, but still a little steep for me...$114.51.

Because I already had the cord kit {$5} and gold spray paint on hand, all this little project ended up costing me was $9.99 {or 19.98 if you include the bowl I broke} plus tax and about a half hour of my time.

$10 compared to $115 or $400...I feel good about that savings, so good in fact that I think I've earned some meandering time around Target.

See you Wednesday.


  1. Great idea! Your lamp is really cute. I wonder where you can get the colored textile cords, because I'm loving that look too.

  2. Ummm..... Wow!! Well done it looks amazing. I do like the gold you painted inside it.


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