Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm back, a cheap find and an update.

It seems like forever since I last posted.

Bora Bora was amazing and beautiful.  I got a massage, petted a puffer fish, grafted coral, lounged around, strolled the beach collecting seashells, took a bath (boy how I had missed soaking in tub), got a nasty lil sunburn, caught up on some Burn Notice {I know, kinda lame}, got stuck in a local political parade and actually finished a book.  

Here are Studs and I just getting to the resort.  Can you believe how beautiful it is?  They say French Polynesia is 50 shades of blue and judging by the this picture I can see why.  There was blue everywhere...above and below.

Here is where we stayed...yes, in a bungalow over the water.  It was crazy.  There were windows in the floor so that you could see down into the water.  We never saw any marine life, but it was still very cool.

Here I am lounging on the beach reading a book by the lagoon.  There was all sorts of marine life in the water...coral, anemone, sea cucumbers {so gross}, clown fish, puffer fish, farmer fish and these odd fish that were really long and skinny.  They kinda freaked me out because they reminded me of barracuda (even though they didn't really look like them).  There was also a porcupine/blowfish that hung out in one of the lagoons.  He was always in the exact same spot.  I became quite a accustomed to him greeting me everyday as I'd walk over the bridge to the main beach.

These are just a few of my finds whilst meandering down the beach one day.  I thought it was pretty cool to find a conch shell just laying on the beach.  Almost every seashell had a hermit crab living in it, so I thought myself lucky to have found one without a resident.

The vacay was absolutely amazing and I was very sad to leave.  We made some great friends and great memories, but I was anxious to get home and see my babies.

Twenty minutes after the plane landed in SLC, I was off to the orthodontist for my son's appointment.  A few hours later I was sitting at my daughter's violin recital.  And later that night I was cleaning up puke.  I've been cleaning up puke for the past week, but I think we are finally over it.  WELCOME HOME MOM!

Anywho, on to something DIY-ey.
I've had a lot of people contact me about my diy floor poufs.  The most commonly asked question I get is, "does Ikea still sell the rugs I used" which I have to respond, no.  I have not seen the $3 rugs I used at Ikea for awhile.  That doesn't mean they won't start carrying them again, but...
So, I made it my personal quest to find a proper replacement for anyone who still might wanna make some.  And what do you know, today while I was at Target I came across these awesome floor mats.  The first thought I had was how awesome they would look as floor poufs.

I love the bold, colorful striped pattern.  You could have so much fun accessorizing around them.

They are made from a sturdy, canvas-y type fabric, that would be perfect for a floor cushion.  And I figure since they are durable enough for feet to walk all over them, they should be durable enough for bums to sit all over them, right?  The fabric doesn't look like it will fray as bad as the Ikea rugs either {I would still definately recommend surging or using a short, zig zag stitch for all of the seams!}

The only complaint I have is that these rugs are $12 rather than $3, but  I figured they would still result in a significantly cheaper floor pouf than if you were to purchase one from West Elm for $200.  If my sewing machine quits acting like a pile of poo {or Studs lets me buy a new one} I am thinking of making a few for the outside deck.

In other news, we are back in business with the bathroom.  I feel a bit ashamed to share this, but because of all of the road blocks we've run into during the remodel we've decided to have a contractor friend come finish the job.  Studs was also recently promoted at work and has been swamped with work.  So, as sad as I am to hand my baby over to someone else, I think it's for the best.  The contractor said he could have it done in three weeks.  Yee haw!  I'll be sure to post pics as things progress.

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