Friday, May 24, 2013

Meant to be...

Before I get into the whole "meant to be" thing I just wanted to say that I made a terrarium...or at least a variation of one.  It's more of a bowlarium.  Anywho, I, the serial killer of all things green decided to give the whole green thumb thing another go.  This time I opted for succulents.  Apparently they are much harder to murder than regular house plants, but only time will tell.

Looks like I'm already off to a rocky start.  Note the sad, almost completely leafless plant in the upper left hand corner.  Whoops! 
When Studs and I were in Bora Bora I gathered up a bunch of shells and coral I found along the beach and brought them home not knowing what I'd do with them.  I decided to toss them into my bowlarium to see how they would look and it turned out great, methinks.  I like the homage to my first and probably last trip to paradise.  It's a fun reminder for me every time I look at my plants now.
{bowl is by Threshold from Target...$12.99}

I came across this cute terrarium on pinterest the other day.  I love how fun it is.  Just goes to show you that you can put well, anything, in a terrarium. 

In other, more important news, I ran to Ikea a few days ago.  I wanted to look at some lights and grab some straws {yes, we love Ikea straws}...nothing major. But, I always make a point of stopping by the AS IS section before I leave.  It's become my ritual every time I go to Ikea to make sure I don't pass up any waiting gems. And look at what I found...

a shiny red, metal cabinet {most likely a TV console} that I put out on my deck.  I think it may have given me the motivation {and inspiration}to create a fun little "hanging out" space for summer.  Did I mention she was only $60.

I also came upon my new precious...a mid century mod surfboard table.  I have been eyeballing one of these babies on ebay for weeks but just couldn't bring myself to spend $500 on it.  Granted this little gem is not vintage, but I love her still the same.  And I love even more the fact that she only cost me $125.  Ba-Bam!

Studs was conveniently out of town during the, uh hum, transaction.  So, that left me and darling daughter to load up the car with these bad boys.  I know I'll never be smart enough to join MENSA, but with my mad packing skills and puzzle solving I should at least be acknowledged...even if that meant one of the kids had ride all the way home with a giant coffee table resting on their head.
 So, my trip to Ikea for $2 straws turned into $200 trip instead.  Whatevs!  You can't thumb your nose at fate...cause that's what my little Ikea trip was, methinks.

Have you ever discovered a fabulous find only to feel like the design gods were watching out for you?  Don't you just love that?

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