Thursday, May 30, 2013

15 minute- $12 DIY pendant light

Okay, first off...preschool graduation was yesterday which means I have the whole summer now to dedicate to projects and neglecting my children.  Yee haw!

Secondly, I just started a little room make-over for my two youngest kids.  Wanna know how it all started?  Well sit down cause I'm gonna tell you anyway.  It all began last summer when the eldest fruit-o- my-loins brought home a kitten.  I didn't really want to keep it, but at the same time I couldn't turn away an orphaned little ball of fur...even if it did make my throat itch and my eyes swell shut.  Well, that little ball of fur grew into a big ball of fur...that peed all over the carpet in my kiddos' bedroom.  I tried having the carpet steam cleaned, but that only made it smell more like a porta-john.  And still, months later the pee pee smell is quite pungent.  The reasonable solution is to replace the flooring, which is what I am hopefully going to get around to this weekend.  Here's a little sneak peek at what I'm thinking of doing.
I can sense your trepidation, but don't worry.  I know what I'm doing.  I think.  No, for reals, it is going to be awesome.  I can't wait to show you when it's done.

Part of the kids' room make-over was adding some lighting over each of the beds.  Before, the kiddos were sharing a lamp which sat on a night stand right inbetween their beds.  But oft times one would fall asleep before the other and would have the bright light from the lamp glaring right into their sweet, sleeping angel face.  I decided having isolated lighting over each bed would work better this time around.  So, that's what I did.

I decided to make custom pendant lights for this project.
I found these cute baskets at TJ Maxx not long ago.  I think they are meant for covering dishes at picnics or something Martha Stewart-y like that.  To me, they were just the perfect size and shape for hanging lights.

And the price was perfect too...   

These lamps took me all of 15 minutes to complete.  No, seriously.

I removed the handle

cut out a hole large enough for the light socket to fit through.

inserted the socket from the topside of the basket

then secured it with the removeable ring on the underside. 
{I feel like some of you are thinking the mesh might be a fire hazard, but rest assured it is made out of metal, not fabric.}

Oh, and it might be useful to tell you that I used a $5 plug-in {not ceiling mounted} light kit from Ikea.

Then using the eye screws and hardware included in the light kit, I mounted the lights above each bed and Ta-da!  There was hanging light.
Mounting them took twice as long as actually making them, primarily because the task required me to have the balancing skills of a ninja and tight rope walker combined.  But, it got done and I didn't permanently injure myself or anyone else in the process.
It's hard to see just how great they look without revealing the not quite finished bedroom.  But, just trust me.  They are great!

Before, I used to think that plug in pendant lights were kinda tacky what with the cord just hanging there and all.  But, now I'm tooting a totally different tune.  Not only am I okay with the cord hanging there, I love the fact that the lighting is completely modular and can be moved elsewhere in minutes.  Just unplug and unhook and it's ready for a new home.

So, if you are in the market for some new, custom lighting or just want an easy project for kicking off summer, try making your own pendant light.

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  1. Just found you on Pinterest...LOVE your blog and all the fabulous inspirations! I could spend hours!!! Cute pendeant light, I'll actually be making one shortly for a condo renovation project. Would love to have you stop by. I'm happy to be your newest follower! Blessings ~ Judy


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