Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Girls Room- Redo

Recently I revamped my little girls' room. We've been in our house almost two years and their poor, neglected room had yet to be completed.
I was going to go with a shabby chic theme initially, but decided to go in a completely different direction. (My girls are not really the shabby chic type...they are more "freespirited", like little finches). So bearing that in mind I decided to do a tree top/bird themed room instead.
The whole redo took me six or seven hours total...I did it while the girlies were at school so I could surprise them. (I am so wishing I had been a good girl and took some before pics, but this was prior to me documenting all of my projects.)
Thankfully the walls had recently been painted, so I didn't need to repaint them. However, they had been painted a very soft pink, Barely Pink is the color actually. I didn't mind the color, but thought they needed to be brightened up a bit.
This is where it got a little scary.
I decided to try painting my first ever mural on the wall. I really wanted it to feel like the girls were sleeping up in the trees.
I tried drawing the mural on the wall first, but I soon realized that is was easier just to freehand it than try to paint within the lines.
So, I threw all caution to the wind and let the paint fly. Here's the end result.

Instead of painting each of the little birdies on by hand, I cut little paper birds out of scrapbook paper. I used modge podge to adhere them to the wall. I also did the same thing with the leaves. I like the idea of the birds and leaves having a pattern rather than just being flat paint. It's hard to see, but the leaves have a subtle polka dot pattern

as do some of the birds, along with some more vividly printed birdies.

I bought some unfinished bird houses at the local craft store and painted them in fun, bright colors. I also mod podged scrapbook paper on the roofs of them to add a little pattern and to also tie everything in.

I found the bright green quilts ($30 each) and sheets ($17 each) at Target. I also found the owl pillows ($25 each) and lamp($40) there. (Oh how I love one stop shopping.)

I think I spent an additional $20 on scrapbook paper, birdhouses, craft paint etc., but that was it. In total I spent just over $200 to completely redo the room.
Pretty good for a days work.
And look what I just found. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Oh ya, new pendant light out of this stinkin' cute little bird cage. (More on that when I get 'er done).


  1. LOVE IT, I think that is a great idea to add some texture with the paper birds and leaves. How did they react?

  2. That room is so cute! I love the birdhouses~they add so much dimension to those awesome trees!

    The light is going to be adorable.

  3. I think it the cutest little room ever! Love your 3D wall decal!

  4. OMG!!! This is so freakin' fantastic!! I need to bookmark this to show the man for when we redo his daughter's room! THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  5. I found you over on remodelaholic and had to come over and say how adorable. I just love birds and bet your girls squealed with delight when they came home from school to that surprise. I have a bird cage very similar and cant wait to see what how you turn it into a pendant light!

  6. have you posted the bird cage lamp yet?


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