Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Like, totally, thanks.

So, the homegirls kidnapped me last night for a little post bday celebration. All I was told was...dress eighties.
Kay, I can do that. I love the eighties...except for when it comes in the form of hideous wallpaper and gray carpet. But anyway...
I turned on the INXS and channeled my inner Madonna/Debbie/Tiffany.
I think my ensemble turned out pretty radical...and yes, that is my seven year old daughter's pettiskirt I'm sporting. Are you all wondering how I squoze my curvalicious self in it...well so am I? But I did and I didn't even tear it. HOLLA!
Here we all are...

The girls were especially sweet and I got some wonderful gifts.

Like this yummy smells so good I wanna eat it.

And this darling apron...just in time for Hallween. Look! It even has a spiked tail.

Oh, and this cute idea. Those are gym socks. I know, they totally look like cupcakes.

Oh, and my favorite...this awesome fork. I can't stop staring at it. I have wanted a ginormous fork for, like, ever! If anybody body knows where I might find his companion, spoon, please contact me.

I'm serious about the fork. He looks so sad without his concaved counterpart. If you know where I might find her, give me a holler.
I'll just be in the corner sniffing my candle.


  1. You have the funnest friends! And I am so jealous about the fork! It was fun seeing you guys! Love you!


  2. You ladies looked amazing! what a fun bday celebration!

  3. I want to find a fork and spoon too! if someone tells you, let me know!


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