Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Witches and Wizards and Ghosts...Oh My

My Halloween village is my pride and joy come fall. With the exception of trick-or-treating, putting out the village is the most aniticipated Fall tradition for the kids and I.
It's only been the last few years that I started collecting these little guys, but I am totally addicted. Can you blame me?

The beginning of the month was my birthday and look what, er who, I got. Meet...
Jack, Jack Squash. As you can tell, he really, really loves candy...and donuts and pie and cake and...

And this little darling is Eliza. Isn't she enchanting? Don't get too close, she might put a spell on you...if she hasn't already.

The artist who creates these charming and whimsical figures is Lori C. Mitchell. She is an American folk artist from Georgia and her inspiration comes mostly from children's themes and literature and old illustrations and toys. I absolutely love her work and look forward every year to her new creations.
And in case you didn't get enough, cause I never do, I'll leave you with some more of her ghoulish delights.

Captian Kidd

Candy and Corny

Becca's Broom Ride

Bat Boy Triplets

Adorable Dora

Flirty Gertie



Dinky Dinosaur

Little Boo

Little Alien

Funny Bones

Fraidy Cat

Precious Pumpkin

Piper's Pumpkin Ride

Mummy Boy

Little Frankie Stein

Little Devil

Witchy Hazel and Helen

Trick-or-Treat Clown

Sweet Pea

Simon the Sorcerer

Robby Robot

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  1. These are the cutest things I've ever seen. I would be tempted to keep them out all year long like I do my nutcrackers.

    That's quite a collection!


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