Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1,2,3's of mixing patterns

One of the things I love most about fashion and home decor right now is the mixing of patterns.  Gone are the days of matchy-matchy outfits and perfectly coordinated curtains and pillows...hallelujah!

And while it would seem sometimes that anything goes, there is definitely an art to mixing patterns.

Because my little brain cannot retain a huge list of do's and do not's, I've tried to narrow down the rules to a simple 1, 2 and 3.

1.  Stick to an odd number of patterns...three different patterns is a good number to start with.  And remember, pattern can be incorporated into a room in a variety of ways...accent pillows, lamp shades, rugs, walls etc.  If mixing prints freaks you out, stick to accent pillows to start out with, until you get your bearings.

  The bed below shows how three distinct patterns play perfectly together.  

2.  Vary the scale of the patterns/prints you choose to add variety and to keep the eye moving.  Choosing a single, larger scale pattern {focal pattern} and adding additional patterns of a small and medium scale will help create diversity and visual interest.  {Note:  sticking with a dominant color and picking patterns within that hue can help simplify the process.}   

The picture below shows how to mix the scale of prints.  Large on the bedspread, medium on the front pillow and small on the pillows behind.  If you wanted to be daring you could add additional pattern to the headboard or lamp shade, or with a rug.  Just make sure that the additional prints are a smaller and medium sized scale.  Having two {or more} large scale patterns within a single space will create visual confusion because of the competing prints.

And finally, and most importantly.

3.  Trust your gut.  I know, I say this a lot.  But, if it looks good to you, that's really all that matters because it's your space and in the end what you think is most important.

And my extra tip, which could also be considered a fab find is this little favorite accessorizing pillow.

This pillow hails from Ikea and is a mere $12.99...insert included.  It is a small scale print and is a neutral-goes with everything pillow in my book.  Because it is black and white, it can be paired with virtually any color combination imaginable.  And because of the small scale it looks great paired with almost every pattern.

bold colors

to pastels
soft florals

to sharp geometrics

I highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a great multi purpose pillow.  And soon enough, with this pillow and the simple 1, 2, 3's I just shared...

you'll be mixing patterns like a pro, yo!!!

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