Monday, November 4, 2013

That's a wrap!

So since I totally stood everyone up on Wednesday and Friday because I was neck deep in room mom Halloween party projects and trick or treating...and then out of town for a girls weekend, I decided to give you a three-fer today.  No, it isn't Christmas, even though it probably feels that way.  I'm a giver, what can I say?

Any who.  My decorating tip for Wednesday which is now technically for Friday is this...wrap some yarn around it.  Bam!    

Kay, I know what you are all thinking...that I've been spending a little too much time with first graders.  And you would be correct, but just hear me out on this.

I'll admit, I was wasn't always a fan of the "yarn wrapped" fad, but I soon came to realize the logic and practicality behind it.  Yarn is a great tool for adding color, visual interest, a modern touch to anything that may otherwise be bland, boring and ordinary.  But what I love even more is that yarn is completely reversible and non-permanent, so if you tire of the look in a week, month or year you aren't out anything but a little yarn and a few minutes of your time.

Trust me...yarn, it's a good thing!


I know most of you probably have Halloween decorations still up...I do.   But my mind is already focused on Christmas.  I was super happy when I stumbled upon these fabulous little finds at TJ Maxx.  And for $7.99 they were the perfect price and the perfect project to help jump start my holiday decorating.

These grapevine deer are a blank canvas just waiting to be personalized and customized to my liking.  And when I saw them I knew...yarn!

I was inspired by this little yarn wrapped dear I came across on Pinterest last week.


So, today I spent the morning catching up on some television and wrapping some deer antlers.

I love the little bit of color, quirk and personality these deer have now.  And as I mentioned before, if I get sick of looking at yarn wrapped deer antlers I can quickly and easily remove the yarn and have a clean slate to work with. 

 Trust me, it's the little things like wrapping crap with yarn, that will help set your home apart  from everyone else's.  And who wants to have the exact same stuff as all the other mom's at book club?

And if you aren't quite sold on the idea yet, here are some other awesome things that have wrapped in yarn.  It seems as though pretty much anything is fair out kiddos!


{lamp shades}

{styrofoam balls}




If you've got a few things lying around your house that are a little on the dull and boring side, try wrapping them in yarn to give them a little color and pizazz.  

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