Friday, November 8, 2013

Faux fo sho!!!

My fab fid for today is one that I sincerely love and use all over my house. 
 It is...dun duh nuh nuh

A sheep skin rug, of the faux variety, hailing from the land of Ikea.
It is called TEJN and I give it a perfect "tejn" for it's awesomeness and versatility.
What's more, it can be yours for a mere $9.99.  

I mentioned the versatility of these little rugs.  They are perfect for any decor style...traditional, eclectic, farmhouse, bohemian, beachy...  Whatever your preference, these rugs will work.

Not only that, they can used in a variety of ways and in a variety of places.

They can warm up a floor in a bathroom {or bedroom or kitchen...or any room}

They add texture and comfort to chairs, benches and an array of seating.


They make the world's fluffiest pillows ever.

And because they aren't actual leather...they make recovering seats and stools simple and easy.

They even make pretty stylish looking chaps.

But the one use I'm most excited about, mainly because Christmas is right around the corner, is that they make awesome and stylish and just plain rad Christmas tree skirts.

I picked up a couple of these TEJN sheepskin rugs last year and threw them under my tree for a simple, chic Christmas tree skirt.  And I claim the idea all my own.  But, guess what I saw in Pottery Barn this year...

But seriously, aren't these little rugs the coolest?  If you don't own one already, I highly recommend running out and grabbing one at your soonest convenience.  And just be prepared to run out and buy more...they are that addicting.  I'm telling you, with these babies you can do no wrong...that's "faux" sho!!!

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  1. Love love love this post and your blog! I happened upon your blog via your kitchen cabinet redo (LOVE), which is an idea I've been flirting with (and the idea of sanding down all those cabinets is just so daunting - love that you found a no-sanding-primer!), so I thought I'd dig around and see what else you'd written. Happened upon this post, which - again - love! I just wrote about something similar in my (very new) blog ( I searched high and low for those faux rugs at Ikea and sadly they're not available online or in any stores near me. If that's a sign of a faux throw shortage... I say stock up while you can!! Thanks again for the great posts - looking forward to following you! KK


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