Friday, July 12, 2013

vintage 70's lights...can you dig 'em?

I've been on a bit of a vintage lighting's why.

It all started a few weeks ago when I came across this photo {of designer Emily Henderson's bedroom.} 

I was immediately drawn to the hot pink, vintagey, velvety goodness hanging above her nightstand for reason's I can't explain.  I'm not generally attracted to velvet...or seventies home decor in any capacity...seventies music and dancing, well now that is a whole other matter. 

Anywho, last week while I was visiting my mom and family in southern Utah, my sis and I stopped by a little consignment shop.  And what do you know...

there she was, just hanging there.

 Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to sing "boom chicka wow wow" when I see her all aglow.

What made the moment even more perfect was the fact that Blondie was blaring over the sound system when I locked eyes on, seriously.  It was as if the Gods of disco were orchestrating the whole thing.    

Debbie {that's what I named her...seems only fitting, right?} had the same velvety goodness as the inspiriation light, only in bright purple {not a color I'm typically drawn to, but I was willing to overlook}.

 Debbie had the same scalloped, drum shape

and delicious, aged bronze details.

Debbie cost a little more that I would normally care to spend...a whopping $49, but it just seemed wrong not to buy her considering the way everthing seemed to fall right into place.  After an extensive search of keywords like "seventies", "velvet", "drum", "pendant", "gaudy", "brothel" I realized there weren't many, any really, similar looking lights to be found and I felt even better about my purchase.

The closest match I came upon was this royal blue number on ebay...pretty awesome right?

Now, fast forward to yesterday.

I'm was still on a bit of a high from meeting Debbie.  Do you ever get they way when you feel like you've just won the lottery in thrifting/hunting process?

I had a bum load of stuff to donate to the D.I. {Utah's version of the Goodwill} but decided I would stop in first to see if any treasures were waiting for me.

And holy flippin' crud...

this beauty was just lying there waiting for my sweet caresses {cue the Exile now..."I wanna kiss you all over".}

Some more brassy goodness.

and only $15
There wasn't any Blondie playing...if fact I think it was "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon, but I still felt like the Gods of Disco were watching over me.   It was a vintage 70's lighting harvest.

and it seemed only appropriate to call him...well, Al.

I also walked away with two vintage orb pendants as well, which I creatively and thoughtfully named,


and Simon

These set me back $8 each, but if I'm not mistaken similar orb lights on West Elm run about $100.  Granted they are a little more aesthetially pleasing than my "vintage" version, but saving over $180 on cost more than makes up for what they lack in style.

Now to figure out where all these pendies are gonna go.  Perhaps turning down the lights and turning on some ABBA might inspire.

Let the light fest begin!

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