Monday, July 15, 2013

More vintage lighting purchases...someone call Lighting Addicts Anonymous.

Okay, someone needs to intervene.  I just bought two more vintage lights and I'm pretty sure if the hubs finds out he's gonna flip; not because he cares that I bought them, but because they are going to take up precious, already limited garage space until I can get them properly situated in their new home.

I am super excited about this light

I bought it for the kids bathroom remodel

I haven't seen many lights with hexagon shades and couldn't pass this baby up.  And the delcious brassy finish was just the cherry on top. 

It will look great with these towel rings I bought at for $16.

I also bought this pendant for $10

Unlike the other pendants I bought, this light is hardwired.  I think she may go in the toilet area of my master bath room.  I couldn't help but fall for the rippled, glass orb...and of course the brass.

Sheash, am I the only one who gets obssesive about this stuff?  I think now would be a good time to distract myself with a cupcake.    

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