Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A perfect opportunity...and layered rugs: totally dope or a big, fat nope?

So, you know how I've already started planning the kiddos bathroom upgrade, but was waiting for just the right moment to spring it onto to Studly?
Well, that moment happened!
Yesterday, Studs was swamped with work and I got a said, "I will pay you $1000 for a turkey sandwich". 
Okay, for Studs to be asking me, the world's worst kitchen klutz, to be making him a sandwich I knew he must be desperate.  Being the super savvy-super sleuth that I am, I knew this would be the perfect time to pitch my next project. 
So, I responded by saying,  "How about a kids bathroom redo instead and you gotta deal"? 
And he responded, "Yes, whatever you want.  Please, food."
Now, I'd be a fool to actually think that he would really pay me $1000 for a turkey sandwich, but I am going to hold him to his word.  I've saved the text as evidence. 
So, here's to another bathroom remo {that's short for remodel}...once we get the current one finished anyway.

And now for the design question of the day...layering rugs...totally dope, or a big, fat nope?
I personally like the look of layering rugs.  I find the look interesting and cozy-casual.  But, I'm wondering if it might be all the veneer glue talking.

I have provided some visual evidence which I feel supports my stance that layered rugs are, in fact, totally dope.

I'll start you off easy.
{source:  pinterest}

Okay, now buckle up.
 {source:  pinterest}

{source:  pinterest}

I love this faux "layered rug" look by
 Carpet tiles be da bomb yo!

Aside from the fact that this layered look could pose a bit of a tripping hazard {which in our household doesn't need any encouragement} I think I have reconvinced myself that layering rugs is totally rad.
So, whadaya think?  Have I inspired you one way or another?

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