Saturday, April 27, 2013

A change of mind AND a cheap, easy, awesome accent wall idea.

I mentioned in my last post how much I love white walls and how I was all jazzed up about painting one in my house.  

Well, I still love white walls and I still will paint a white wall in my house...I have 2 gallons of white paint sitting on my counter to motivate me.  But for the project I just finished, I decided a slightly off white wall would work better.

The color on the wall is Realist Beige by Sherwin Williams.

I know, I know.  Why would I want boring beige on my walls,  but trust me, this beige is cool and creamy and doesn't come off as drab at all.  It is a great accompaniment to the gray and white accents I already have in the space.

Anyway, enough about all that.

I have been wanting to do an accent wall in my front room for awhile, but I didn't want to just slap some paint on it and call it good.  I wanted to do something that was graphic and interesting and different.  After much thought and consideration I decided on this...
Umm, yes.  Those would be gold, dot stickers.  You probably think I'm crazy right about now, but just trust me.  I purchased this roll of 1000 dots for $10 on

Here's what happened when I stuck {almost} all of them on the wall.
I actually really dig it.

I think it's interesting and eye-catching, without being obnoxious.  And it's gold.  Who doesn't love gold?  Not me, that's who.

When the light hits the dots, they make the wall sorta sparkle and come alive.

Gold is one of my favorite accent colors right now, so I am super thrilled about having a gold accent wall.  Did I mention how much I like gold?

I didn't really follow any plan or pattern except that I wanted to give the illusion of the dots floating away, so I started really condensed at the baseboard and then gradually spread the dots out as I moved up the wall.

Not bad for a roll of stickers, eh?  And I bet you didn't even remember the fact that my wall is {not} boring beige instead of white.

In other news, Studs and I leave for our vacay in a couple of days.  I will try to get another post in before I head out, but just in case I don't, I'll see you in a week.


  1. Wow, that wall looks fabulous with a little bling on it!

  2. This is seriously the cutest, most creative idea for stickers! What a fun accent wall - I love it!

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