Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My two chairs.

I finally finished reupholstering my thrift store find from last week.  Here's what they looked like before.

I thought they were pretty cute to begin with.  I love the caning and wood, but they were definately in need of some updating.

Here's how they look now.
I put about $100 into revamping them...$60 for fabric {I used three curtain panels from Ikea}, $15 for decorative/fabric trim, $10 for "nail head trim" {I used extra large thumb tacks I found at Hobby Lobby}, $5 for fabric glue and $10 for a button cover kit.

I was a little worried how they would turn out, having never actually completed any repuholstering projects I've started in the past, but I am happy with them...even happier with the price {$65 for each chair}.

I ended up just using the old cushion covers as my patterns for the new ones.
I simply traced around them, leaving an extra 1/2-1 inch allowance.

I used decorative fabric trim to hide the staples I used to attach the fabric to the back and front of the chair.

I embellished the trim with extra large thumb tacks...for a nail head trim look.

I added some tufting detail to the front cushion.  
I used a kit to make my own fabric buttons, which was relatively inexpensive and simple.

I didn't want to bother sanding and refinishing all of the wood, so I just took some dark stain to the scuffed up spots and caning to freshen everything up a bit.  
{Here's my little staining tip.  Put a plastic bag on your hand with an old sock over it.  Use the sock to rub in the stain, then when you are done just pull the plastic bag off, while holding on to the toe of the sock, and your sock will end up inside the plastic bag ready to toss into the garbage.}

Here's how the chairs look in their new home. 

 They are just what my front room needed to finish off the seating.

In other news, we finshed ripping out the remaining items in the master bathroom...the vanity, sinks,  toilet and shower floor.  

We are officially down to one bathroom.  Fingers crossed we all survive this.  Seven people and one bathroom...scary!!!

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