Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More A "door" able Ideas.

After painting the laundry room door yellow, I loved it so much I decided to paint the interior side of the front door too.

I had been kicking around ideas for awhile, about what I could do to add some much needed color and interest to the space, but could never settle on anything til now. The space was very plain, very neutral and very boring. 
The door not my favorite.  It has some weird viney embossing in the horizontal panel{which you can't really see in the picture}...just a wee bit too eighties for me.  I was hoping a new paint job would help conceal this not-so-attractive detail, while at the same time giving the door a fresh, modern and updated look.

I think both of those things were achieved.  Here's the door{ly painted} and improved.
The space still needs some accessorizing, but the door totally jazzes up the space dontcha think?  At least it's not oozing eighties anymore.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the door color is a dark, peacock blue...almost navy {but with more green}.  I decided to tape out this graduated, chevron stripe pattern because I wanted the door to be the focal point of the space.  It's certainly hard to miss now.

Amazing what a $13 quart of paint {a few hours of monotonous taping and 400 coats of paint} can do to a space eh?  I meant it when I said in my last post, "if you have a space that needs some color consider painting a door".  I guess now we can also add to that, "if you have a hideously outdated, eighties door that you despise, consider painting might actually end up loving it".  I did.



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