Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best $3 I ever spent

Some of you may remember my World's Fugliest Laundry Room Make-Over

One of my favorite additions to the new and improved room was the cool, industrial light I found to replace the prior "boob" light.

I didn't say anything about it in the initial post cause I was a little embarrased, but this handsome light is supposed to have a glass covering over the light bulb.
OTTAVA Pendant lamp IKEA Shade of mouth blown glass; each shade is unique. Downward light, suitable for over a dining table.
I made the mistake of setting the light atop the washer during the spin cycle and...yup, all of a sudden I heard a huge crash and the sound of breaking glass {or maybe it was my heart as I realized what had happened}.  Stupid, stupid mistake that has been nagging at me ever since it happened.  Even though I still love the light, I couldn't help but feel like it was a little lacking every time I looked at it...like it was naked...just "exposing" it's bulb.

Then, a few days ago, whilst meandering around "the depot" as I often do, I came across this little nugget of delight.

It is a light bulb cage. 

*cue angelic choirs now*

I grabbed it and threw it in the cart, knowing exactly what I was going to do with it.

First, I gave it a coat of silver paint.

Then I attached it to the "nekkid" light.  And voila!!!

My new, new and improved light.

So much better dontcha think?  I was really getting tired of staring at the light's...bulb.  Amazing how a $3 piece of plastic can add so much character.  Best $3 I ever spent {except for that salted carmel cupcake I just purchased last night}.


  1. I might have to vote for the salted carmel cupcake! Um, yum. However, the cage is really cute. I think I like it as much as the glass.

  2. Nice! It makes a big difference!

  3. Genius! I just came home with a similar light, also from the "depot" and my son thought it was a safety light from a submarine. Which I don't mind him thinking, but I draw the line at a red bulb. You have some really good ideas! Newest follower.


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