Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ugliest Room Ever- Make-over

Do any of you have a space in your home that you just hate? A room that every time you walk by it or go into it, you feel the joy and life drain from your person?

Well, I've got a few. But the one that I hate most right now is my laundry/mud room. This space has been woefully neglected since we moved into this house three and a half years ago. There's just something about it that feels dingy and dirty...even after I've cleaned it.

Here, let me just show what I mean, so you can understand where all of my animosity is coming from.

Okay, so having a smelly, guinea pig cage in there probably didn't help the situation.

After taking some time to build up my courage, I decided it was time conquer this eyesore.

The first thing I wanted to do was lighten up the walls to help make the room feel brighter and more open. I decided to add a some decorative B&B, which I painted white. I love B&B. It is a super easy and fairly inexpensive treatment that adds lot of texture and interest.

Even after completing this project, I noticed a definite difference in the room. It was already feeling brighter and could have been in large part because of the paint smell. Fresh paint has a way of making things seem clean and new. But the party did not end there.

After enlisting the help of my personal "sweat shop" to paint the walls, the floors were totally thrashed.

I hadn't intended on doing anything to the floors, except for maybe adding a rug or two. But it became quite evident after the painting was complete, that they couldn't be left as they were. There was paint all over. Since I didn't really have the budget or the time to rip out all of the tile, I opted to paint them. This little fiasco ended up being the best mistake.

I love the way the floors turned out. It was a time consuming project, but well worth the effort. They definately contribute to the open and airy feel I was going for. They also add a lot of visual interest.

I flip flopped about whether or not I should paint the cabinets. I decided that with the white walls and light floors there needed to be some warmth in the room, so I kept the cabinets wood. They were your basic, run-of-the-mill oak cabinets. Kinda meh!

So, I decided to add some character to them by taking my pent up aggression out on them.

My weapons of choice were a hammer, a chisel and a little contraption I made myself called...a worm hole maker. Pretty menacing, eh?

{and when you're not using it on cabinets, you can use it on your kiddies...I'm totally kidding!!! Please don't go sicking DCFS on me.}

I went over the cabinets in a dark stain to help bring out the imperfections.

Here's a side by side of the before and after.

Now all these babies need in some bling, by way of knobs.

I made a few minor adjustments to the space as well.

I exchanged the "boob" light for an industrial looking pendant.

I added some hooks {personalized with faux "zinc" letters} for the kiddies to hang backpacks and jackets.

Finally, I added a little sitting area for putting on and taking off shoes.

The window shade is my fave. It was made from a $3 Ikea rug.

My goal was to complete this transformation for around $100, but that was before the floor fiasco. In total, I ended up spending about $207: $100 of that was just for the floors, $30 for the pendant light from Ikea, $35 on artwork and frames, $30 on the "zinc" letters, $10 on the floor rug and $2 for the rod for the window shade. Everything else I already had on hand.

It's amazing what a few dollars and some elbow grease can do, eh?

I now lovingly refer to this space as my David Beckham room, because I find it so devastatingly gorgeous. The only thing that could make this room any better is if I actually found David Beckham in it doing my laundry.


  1. LOVE IT! can't wait to share the floor tutorial :)

  2. That looks great! REally love the letters and the little bench! Great improvements!!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. looks great! love your floor! don't think I'd get off my lazy butt long enough to take on such a project but it's really pretty:) You give me hope for my horrible laundry room...

  4. Great ideas! This was laugh out loud adorable, "...I find it so devastatingly gorgeous. The only thing that could make this room any better is if I actually found David Beckham in it doing my laundry". BTW, if you achieve that Beckham thing where he materializes in your laundry room, do call me ASAP!!!

  5. You got it!!! Thanks for stopping by.


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