Monday, April 9, 2012

What does your favorite color say about you?

I had a beautiful, long Easter weekend. The fam and I headed back to my hometown in southern Utah and enjoyed "slightly" warmer weather.

Isn't it a cute, little place?

While it wasn't quite the "warm" I was hoping for, it was better than the depressing, spring snowstorm I would have had to endure up north.

I always savor these bits of time away from my daily routine. It allows me the chance to think about things other than "what should I make for dinner" or "how many loads of laundry will it take me to get the job done"? It allows me the opporunity to forget all about the pressing issues we mother's encounter daily and allows me to think about more meaningless and mundane things...which is quite refreshing, frankly.

I'm not sure why, but over the weekend I found myself pondering the age old question..."why I love turquoise so much"? It had me in a tizzy. I mean, why am I so in love with this soft, blueish hue that I have so lovingly and strategically incorporated into in my house. I've even incorporated into the outdoor decor. My front door and planters also boast, a very bluish hue. So, what then, does my color of choice say about me? Inquiring minds want to know.

I had a few down minutes today, so I did a little research and this is what I found out about myself.

Peacock Blue Lovers are: Patient and serious. You love to explore but you worry about what you will find. Often times you are inflexible, but the flip side is you are compassionate and loyal.
{You know, it's really true. I do have a slight fear of running into Sasquatch when adventuring in thick, forested areas. You think I'm joking, but I kid not}.

Pool Blue Lovers are: The ones everyone should ask for advice because you stay objective and don't get petty. {BTW, did anyone happen to see the hideous, floral get-up Beyonce was sporting recently? Ugh-lay!} You need space and like options, especially in love relationships.

Lake Blue Lovers are: Very attractive, talkative and have beautiful, expressive eyes. {Seriously, how do they know all of this stuff about's freaky!} One of your greatest assets is your sincere love for those around you. You are in touch with your emotions and help others get in touch with theirs. {Wow!!! So true. Just ask Studly. I have a real knack for getting him in touch with his emotions...specifically those of the "frusterated" variety}.

Okay, so maybe some of this stuff is a crock, but I think there may be a few slivers of truth. I do consider myself, loyal and compassionate and value those around me more than anything else. I am also extremely emotional, which might explain why I am drawn to blue...a color often considered the most soothing and calming of the all the colors. But whatever the reason, I have always loved and will continue to love the color turquoise.

Are you curious about what your color of choice says about you? Then go here to find out what it means.

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