Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Prodigal Daughter Returns

Ahh, my peepsies. I'm back...returning to the blogging fold as it were.

The summer off was wonderful. Surprisingly, I was a little saddened to send my kiddos off to the babysitters, err, I mean school. I became quite accustomed to yelling at them daily and watching them destroy my once tidy house. No really, I kid...kinda. But I will miss late nights watching movies and going out for sno cones and sleeping in until ten.

I didn't get nearly as much done on the house as I would have liked, but that's okay. I return to you a new woman, with renewed vigour. I am excited to get going on some awesome projects.

Here's a little sneak peak at a few things I'm working on right now:

The nursery:

You may recall that I just redid the nursery not too long ago. And at the time, anything would have been improvement from this {cue clown music now}

Seriously, what was I thinking...I blame it on pregnancy brain.

So, I transformed it into this.

Then suddenly, for whatever reason the room just stopped working for me. Methinks it may have had something to do with fact that there was a lot going on, without a really defined theme or idea to back it up.

Third times a charm, right? Here's where we are at today?

Okay, now this works for me. The kiddos' Very Hungry Caterpillar book inspired the color palette and theme for the room and also served as artwork. I think the room has just the right amount of whimsy and youthfulness, while still maintaining an element of sophistication.

While I personally prefer working with a "theme" or "idea" in a room, the key is not to go overboard. So, these fun, felt pillows

will be the only "themey" element in the room. I made these babies for about fifty cents a piece. I already had the black and white striped pillows. My only expense was the dollar I spent in supplies {4-5 pieces of felt} and an hour of my time. I think they turned out pretty, darn cute and the kiddos think they are pretty cool too.

I wanted to personalize each space further, so I made some fun, button monogram artwork.

They are not overtly themey, but still work in the room, one because they follow the color scheme, and two because they are letters and the theme is based around a book and reading...or at least that's how I justify it. These precious' ran me just under three dollars a piece. I purchased an assortment of buttons for six bucks at Wally's {Walmart} and repurposed some old picture frames I already had on hand. They are simple and sophisticated and add a nice pop of color to the wall.

There are still some obvious loose ends that need tying. I need to paint.

...and perhaps add some b&b {board and batten}, and frame out the window {a little skill I picked up this summer...more on that to come}.

And I would like to change out the light fixture to something like this.

Pretty soon my nursery will be complete...then what will I do? Ah well, there are plenty of other projects on the list. Besides, this room has been in the "metamorphing" stage long enough. It's time for it to fly on it's own.

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  1. Those pillows are too cute! Saw it on the Show & Tell Linking Party and had to take a closer look! Good job!

  2. I love everything, but the button B is very cool. I can't believe the pillows were so cheap to make. They really add a nice pop to the room.

    I am a new follower from the Show and Tell Linking Party at Blue Cricket Design. If you have a chance come by and say hi.


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