Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Throwdown Thursday

Mama hit the motherload today!

The stars must have aligned or something because I haven't had this much luck at the thrift store in a long time.

Wanna see what I found?

A set of oval mirrors.

They were $12 a piece which is a little steep for this cheapskate, but I loved the size and shape enough that I went ahead and grabbed them.
I'll just make the kids eat cold cereal the next few nights to buffer the cost...just kidding! not really, though. I have a really cool antiquing technique I am dying to try on them. Fingers crossed it works out. If so, I'll post pics and a tute soon.

I am super excited about this dresser. I love the shape and size

and the fact that it stands on legs.

It came with a mirror, but I haven't decided whether or not I want to reattach it.

The wood is still in reasonably good condition, so I may take that into consideration as I refinish it.

I didn't notice this little issue til I got her home.

I checked all of the drawers to make sure they opened and closed smoothly, but it never dawned on me to check the bottoms to see if they were cracked or broken. If I can fix the problem she will probably end up at the shop...or maybe not. Have I ever mentioned that I'm really indecisive?

Oh ya, and one more item! I also found a huge hutch for a screamin' good deal. I don't have any pictures because when I found it, I was carrying a sleeping child in one arm and pushing a kiddo in a cart with the other. I couldn't really manage a camera. I am planning on picking it up tonight, so I will post pics then. Or maybe I'll wait til my Saturday Shop Spotlight {refer to indecisive comment above}. As awesome as it is, I can't keep it. I would have to get rid of the dining table to fit it in the nook and I'm pretty sure the hubs would say that eating is more important than looking at pretty dishes {although I would beg to differ}.

I am so excited for all of these fun projects in the pipeline. I am hoping to get to them soon. I am dying to try some {chalk paint} which seems to be all the rage right now. Have any of you ever heard of it/used it? Just curious.

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