Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday {non shop} spotlight

I know that on Saturday's I am supposed to feature something from the shop, but I figured that since we are kinda inbetween projects right now I would just feature another one of my awesome finds. Hope you don't mind.

One of my besties called me from an estate sale where I found this little beauty.

Listen, I realize some of you may have just puked a little in your mouth, but I really like it. At this point in time, I don't plan on recovering it. I want to try and work around the awesome velvety fabric. I know if you were here to stroke the velvety awesomeness you'd be sold too.

I think the headboard would be perfect for girls' room. Problem is, I just redid their bedroom a little over a year ago, and I know that the hubs would have a coronary if I redid it again. But, my mind is spinning with ideas and I might not have the strength to withstand my decorating urges. I may have to call a couple of gal pals over and gettin' er done while hubs is out of town on business next week. We'll see.

Til then, here are a few inspiration pics of fun/funky headboards I came across today.

Photo courtesy of design sponge.

Photo courtesy of house beautiful

Picture courtesy of house beautiful

I know you must be really jealous of my precious. Why don't you run along and find yourself your own piece of funkaliciousness. You know you want to!


  1. I know I want to!!! I love your new find...I got swirling ideas myself and it doesn't even belomg to me! lol. Bet you're going to find someway to make it look totally awesome.

  2. Cannot wait to see what you do with this!


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