Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Accent Walls Part Deux: Choosing a Color

I tend to be a fly-by-the seat of my pants type gal. It's not necessarily a good or a bad thing, but occasionally I will do something which has me scratching my head later. So, in regards to the accent wall{s} I am thinking about doing, I have really tried to take my time deciding so that I don't end wanting to repaint it in a week...which brings me to my second accent wall installment: choosing a color. Again, these are just a few guidelines to consider if you are in the market for painting an accent wall.

  • Accent walls are usually a bolder/darker color than the other walls, but that doesn't always have to be {as a rule of thumb, dark accent walls result in a smaller, more intimate space whereas light accent walls help to make a room seem larger.}

  • Choose a color that is in great enough contrast to all of the furniture pieces and accents in the room. If you have a light couch/chair/bed on the wall you might want to consider a darker wall color...or if you have a dark couch/chair/bed choose a lighter wall color.
  • I love how the white bed and light lamps pop against the dark plum wall.
  • Use your existing decor to pick an accent color. Refer to throw pillows, artwork and other decorative pieces when choosing. Again, making sure that the color will offer enough of a contrast with else in the room.

  • I love how the yellow from these fun throw pillows was carried onto the walls behind the couch. Instead of using exsting decor to choose just a color for the wall, both color and a similar pattern from the bedspread were carried onto the wall.
  • And if your really having a hard time choosing a wall color, how about letting your children decide for you...mine always seem to have an opinion on my decorating. Okay just kidding, but it could make for an interesting result. Instead, list the 4 most used colors in the room, ranking them from most dominant to least. Then, choose your wall color based on either one of the last 2 colors listed.

  • And if you are going for uber drama...consider a wall with pattern or sheen.

Here are some inspiration pics to get the creative juices flowing.

Modern metallic sheen and sophisticated design...

Simple stripes... Another large, sophistaced pattern, but with an earthy overtone{I remember when this room was revealed on Design Star. I loved it then and I love it still.} Fun harlequin... Bright floral...

All righty peeps. I'm feeling adequately inspired now and I'm off to get jiggy with some color/pattern. I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve. Make sure to have your Depends on hand just in case.

Peace out!

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  1. Now you have me all pumped up!!! I can't wait to see what you're doing!!!


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