Saturday, April 2, 2011

Accent Walls: Choosing a Wall to Highlight

Every year about this time, I start brainstorming ideas for projects I want to do. The list is getting pretty long, to Studly's chagrin, but whatever. One of the projects near the top of the list is painting a cool accent wall in my older boys bedroom. I already have an idea for the color/pattern, but I have been struggling to choose a wall to highlight. Some of you might say, just pick a dang wall already psycho lady, but I want to make sure that I don't commit any decorating sins. So, I did a little research and found the info quite enlightening. I thought I would share, ya know, in case someone else out there in bloggyland is dying to know. Besides, I have to do my part to keep America's homes beautiful. Enjoy!

  • A feature wall does not necessarily have to be the first wall you see when entering the room.

  • An accent wall is usually a "solid" wall, meaning there are no windows or doors on it. However, if a wall has a widow with a spectacular view, beautiful French doors, or other interesting architectural element then choosing to accent it would create a great "frame" for these things.

If I had a view like this out my window, I'd "frame" it for sure.

  • Take a minute and determine the focal point of the room. Perhaps it is a ...

great piece of artwork

Or a fabulous headboard

or a fireplace

  • If there isn't really a focal point, create one. Find a painting or piece of artwork you like and highlight it. Feature something you collect i.e. old family photos, clocks, pictures of David Beckham {swoon}. On an accent wall these things will really stand out. Here are some other fun collections to consider...


frames or plates
  • Finally, a little rule of thumb. If the room you are working with is long and narrow, the best wall to feature is the farthest, short wall. Painting this wall will help make the wall seem closer and room less constricting. Perhaps you already knew these guidelines for picking the perfect accent wall, but if not, I hope this helps. Stay tuned for Accent Walls: Choosing a Color...coming soon.


    1. I was just wondering which wall to accent in my living room. It's a long corridor of a room and I had settled on the wall at the end which is totally featureless. Despite having no idea what the hell I'm doing I'm obviously a decorating diva. At least I'll have gotten one thing right.

    2. Accent walls are great. I love using wallpaper and love that bedroom...sigh!

    3. LOve the walls with the plates and the mirrors - looks fantastic. Just found your blog, and have been all over it - looking at vintage crates, lampshades, the lot. Love it - so I'm following you. Please come and see me sometime - hope you'll like what I do and follow me to :O)
      A xx

    4. Does anyone know if it's possible to do an accent corner instead of wall?

    5. An accent wall really adds more life to a room. These tips you have shared are really very helpful. I am planning to paint an accent wall in our living room but just like you, I am not pretty sure which wall to paint. However, now I do. Thank you so much for sharing this post. By the way, I wish I also had a view like that! It is just so grand!


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