Thursday, April 7, 2011

{20} Minute Miracle Paint Job

I got a little bee in my bonnet the other day as I walked past my hideous bathroom for the 30th time.

Studly has been begging me to bring into the 2000's for months, but I've held out hope that he would just give in and let me gut the place...thus allowing me to start from scratch. I have big plans: pedestal tub, travertine tile, granite counters, new fixtures and cabinets...the works. But like always, Studly has to pipe up and ruin the vision by uttering one joy-bumming word - RECESSION.

All right, times are tough. I get it. Besides, the point of this blog is how to decorate on a budget, not how to spend money you don't have to get the sweetest bathroom ever. So, I'll stick my dream of a luxury bathroom in my back pocket for now and work with what I've got...which is a bunch of crap out in the garage and a grotesque bathroom that had it's heyday in the eighties.

First things first, giving the plain, builder's grade, oak cabinets a much needed updating. Because I do loathe the space currently, I didn't want to waste much of my precious time {or money}on the project. So, I grabbed a brush and some paint {pale blue and seafoam green in case you were wondering}I had lying around and got to work.

There was no method to the madness, no rhyme or reason. I attribute that to my irritated state. I think subconciously I wanted to ruin the cabinets so that Studly would HAVE to let me get new ones. But the more I painted the more I started liking it. And twenty minutes later my masterpiece was done. The end result: old, worn and washed out looking cabinets, like something you might find in an old beach house. And you know what? I LOVE them! They have so much charm and character. Truthfully, I am okay putting my dream bathroom on hold, because I am so excited to see how this project turns out.

A reminder of the before: A closer look at the before cabinets: And now for the after: Already the bathroom looks 10x better. And a close up of the cabinets after: I tried to keep the paint light so that some of the existing, brown cabinet could show through. In some places I applied the paint a little thicker so as to add some depth. I also layered the color by first applying a pale blue, followed by a seafoam green. Check back soon for the complete room reveal.


  1. They look amazing! You really did do an incredible job.

  2. I bet they feel so much better too with their pretty new paint job! They look great!

  3. You amazeeee me!!!


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