Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Christmas mantle...straight from the backyard {and garage}.

So, I've been in my current home for nearly two years and still don't have a mantle over the fireplace. In my defense, stud muffin and I have kept busy painting, recarpeting, re...wood flooring, remodeling the basement and kitchen etc. But seriously, can't a girl get a mantle for Christmas. Doesn't he understand the need a woman has to decorate a mantle during the holidays?

I'm embarrased, but I swear I will have one by next Christmas, even if it means cutting off some branches from the tree outside and mounting it over the fireplace myself...oh wait, I already did that.

I know it's not nearly as nice or festive as a traditional mantle, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This Christmas would have been the third year without "stockings hung by the fire" and I just wasn't gonna have it. So, I improvised.
I'll admit, the cluster of branches looks a little lame all by their lonesome.
How 'bout some festive Christmas trees on either side of the fireplace.

Complete with presents wrapped in vintage sheet music wrapping paper.

That's a little better.

Oh ya, how bout some stockings. Since I wasn't utilizing a traditional mantle this year, I thought I'd opt for nontraditional "socks"...out of the box Christmas socks, as it were.

Old baby sweaters...that'll work. I monogrammed them with the first initial of each kiddie using a yarn needle and some brown yarn. I also stitched the bottom and the cuffs of the sweater to create a nice pouch for "the goods".

But it still needs something else. How 'bout an old crate for the hearth.

That'll do.

Hmmm, it's still missing a little something. How 'bout some bling.
Oooh, glittery likey.

and check out these faux, mercury glass, acorn ornaments...$2 at Wally's (Walmart). HOLLA!!!

And some handmade, sheet music ornaments that are snowflake-esque.

All right, I think that's good. It's best to stop now or there might not be anything left in the garage.
Hopefully the kids will see my vision. But even if they don't, it's better than a lone halogen light.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that you used your kiddos sweaters, so sweet!!!


  2. Erika, you are so creative! I'll have to come by your store some time. I hope it's going well!


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