Saturday, August 7, 2010

Painted Pillows

My older sis is my mentor for all things thrifty. She has paved the way for frugal fashion. When she mentioned the idea of spray painting accent pillows I was all over it. I feel a certain kinship with a can of spray paint and jump at the chance to spray paint anything and everything that crosses my out!
I had some old pillow covers lying around so I decided to give 'er a go. I've been in the process of decorating my front room...a process a year and a half in the making. I've been on the hunt for throw pillows but just wasn't finding the color I wanted. I found a can of spray paint in the desired color and off I went.
I stuck with fairly simple patterns as I have a few busy patterns already going on in the room, but you could make it as detailed or basic as you want.

This is the pillow cover I used. It was free as I already had it on hand, but I got the set of two for $6 or $7 from Ikea.

After I decided on a pattern, I taped the pillows off (I used blue painters tape, but you could also use contact paper for more complicated designs) this, then let the paint fly.

I stuck the pillows in front of the fan and let them dry. It only took about ten minutes. Then I removed the tape.

Here they are in their new home. I'm toying with the idea of spray painting the other side in a diffent patten so that I can change them out whenever I feel the urge.

I've had zero luck finding a coverlet for the foot of my bed, so I think that may be my next spray painting project. I'll let you know how it goes.

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