Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wall Blingin'

Okay, I'm not one to be superstitous...okay, yes I am, but I swear that the forces of evil are trying to keep me away from my bloggy.
Everytime I attempt to sit down and make a post I am interrupted by one of the dears asking me any number of questions...most commonly: "mom, where is my *insert toy of choosing*", "mom, will you make me some *insert snack of choosing*" or my very favorite, "mom, Beck needs you to go wipe his bum". I swear that kid knows when I'm sitting at the computer and subconciously convices his bowels that it is time for bi-ness.
Would you think less of me as a mother if I said that I can't wait for school to start Monday? Phew. I knew you would understand.
To the point of the post, before any distractions.
I don't know about you, but I have several walls just waiting to be adorned. Problem is, I don't want to spend a bunch of money buying artwork that I probably won't like in a few years. I'm not really down with store bought artwork anyway. So, in my quest for ideas, I came across these awesome, unique and inexpensive options for wall bling.
Think ya can handle it?
1- A cool vintage...(or new) table cloth with a neat pattern or graphic. When you get tired of it on the wall you can take it down and use it for it's intended purpose. Bonus.

2- Pieces of fabulous, funky, fabric framed(nice alliteration eh?)

3- Stensiled pattern on the wall that has been framed up for a finishing touch.

4- Pages from a favorite book.

5- Placemats...what? No way. Yes way. One word...freaktastic.

6- A collection of old license plates.

7- Vintage platters and plates (notice how they are actually being used as frames in this picture.

8- A collage of ceiling medallions.

9- And old shutter. I'm totally stealing this idea.

10- A collage of random plates.

11- A collection of mirrors. Picture courtesy of Mandi over at vintage revivals. Check her out she's awesome.

I am currently in the process of organizing my plate collection (which I collected only yesterday at my local thrift store) to be mounted in my dining nook as inexpensive wall art. I will post pics soon.
I'd love to hear of any other inexpensive wall decorating ideas you might have, so please feel free to share.
Good luck.

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