Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a {wonderful} holiday. I can't believe it's all over and that there are only a handful of days left in 2010.

I took my own {suggestion} this year and tried something new for the holiday. Judging by the family's reaction it might become an annual Christmas event.

Instead of having a boring, old Christmas dinner, I decided to have a "who" {as in Dr. Seuss} themed Christmas dinner. Dressing up was {optional}, but strongly {encouraged}.

The menu consisted of: Roast beast {pork loin with a balsamic raspberry glaze}, "who" hash {mashed potatoes and gravy}, "Grinchy" green beans {green bean casserole}, sweet "Cindy Lou" potatoes {mashed sweet potatoes with a brown sugar streusel topping} and mini "Mount Crumpet" pie {Schaum torte}.

I neglected to take pictures of all of the delicious food. What was I thinking?

But, I'll leave you with a few pics of the family in all of their "spect-who-cular" glory.

Is it just me, or does Quinn look like a cross between {Cindy Lou Who} and {Jane Austen}.

This is all the "who do" I could muster out of this little one. Aw well, maybe next year we'll have more to work with.

Then someone had to go and break the tape out and things got really "who"gly.

I think I see my brain.

"Who"ishing you all the best this {holiday season} and the upcoming N"who" Year!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chunkified Mirror

Yay!!! One more post before the big day.

Are you wondering what {chunkified mirrors} have to do with Christmas. Well, the answer to that is nothing...except that I am in the process of making one for my sister...and it's Christmas.

It is my opinion that certain things are just better chunky-babies, salsa...and most definately mirrors. I love a thick, framed mirror. But the dang things do not come cheap. So, I have devised a way to achieve that {chunkalicious} look without the {ridiculicious} price.

To begin, you must have access to a scrawny framed mirror. If you don't own one, you can usually find them in plentitude at the thrift store. Make sure that it is indeed a wood frame. I'm not sure if this tutorial would work well with a metal framed mirror.
Aw, the poor {emaciated} dear. I found her at the thrift store for a mere $8.

You'll also need:

Molding/Baseboard (enough to go around the perimeter of the frame, plus a little extra to allow for the miter cuts).

braces (available at any local home improvement store for around 90 cents a piece. I used eight on my frame).
The one pictured is similar to the kind I used. You just want to make sure that they are flexible enough the you can flatten them out a bit. They come shaped like an "L" and you want them to be more like a slightly bent "I".
Access to a {miter saw }

Access to a {staple gun}
To begin, measure the lengths of each side of your frame.

Next, cut your molding down to the desired lengths. I have done this myself before, but you could also enlist the help of your resident {stud muffin}. Remember, mitered ends.

After you've made all of your cuts, dry fit the pieces around the frame and make sure they fit properly. You may need to make some minor adjustments so that the miters fit nicely. They don't need to be perfect. A little spackle will fix most problems.

You just dont want to leave any major gaps (nothing too much wider than the depth of a nickle).

After you've made all of your adjustments and the moldings all fit nicely you can start attaching the molding to the frame.
You'll need to flip the mirror over to do this. Attach the braces to the frame first. I placed them two or three inches away from either side of each mitered edge. Once they are screwed in place, you can attach the molding.

I added a few staples to the corners just to reinforce things. If you don't have access to a staple gun, you could use wood glue, but staples would be prefered.

Carefully turn the mirror back over.
Wipe off the frame and fill in all of the gaps...if need be.

Prime {I used Kilz spray primer.}

And then paint.

And Voila!!! An awesome, {chunk-a-licous} mirror that looks like a million bucks...but really only cost $35.

Remember the sad, {emaciated} thing before:

And now the totally {chunkalicous} version:

I added just a little bit of distressing. I sanded the frame and then went over the sanded areas with an ebony stain. You can still see the distressed area's, but they are a little more subtle.

Here's the breakdown: mirror-$8, molding-$20, braces-$7, primer-I already had, paint-I already had.

Well, whataya waiting for...go {chunkify} something.

Oh, and Merry Christmas too.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The True Meaning of {Christmas}

I just came across this video of a local family here in SLC. As a mother of a {special needs} child it touched me deeply. It also helped me put the holiday's into perspective...Christmas isn't about the presents, or the errands or the baking etc...even though that part is fun and nice. Really, it's about {family} and {spending time with the ones we love} and {being grateful} for what we have. I am so happy these precious, little girls have a family to spend Christmas with this year.
Prepare to shed a tear.

Christmas comes early: Adopted special needs girls join their new family -

Wishing you all a very {Merry} Christmas...just in case I don't make it back on here before the big day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Traditions

I know that festive decorations and inspiring music are a big part of the {Christmas} holiday, but there is one other thing that ranks right up there too...traditions {cue The Fiddler on the Roof music now}.

Last night as the fam and I were participating in one of our annual Christmas activities,{stained glass Lifesaver ornaments}, it got me thinking about holiday traditions.

Here are a few of my fam's.

1- New Christmas P.J.'s the night before the big day.

2- {Schaum Torte}...going back to my Germanic roots. This is a new tradition, we just started last year. If you've never had it before, it is a meringue crusted dessert filled with berries and cream. Are you salivating yet?...cause I am. Admittedly, I have a slight love affair with food. Every holiday must have a food attached to it: Halloween= chile and homemade donuts, Valentine's= fondue etc.

3- Watching Elf, A Christmas Story {you've no idea how badly I would love to get stud muffin one of those skanky leg would be perfect for his birthday on the 19th} and The Family Stone {this show is more for totally gets me ready for the holiday. It's funny and sentimental and reminds me how important family [and loved ones] are during the holidays.}

4- Stained glass Lifesaver ornaments. It's my kiddies favorite. Here's the how to if you want to try it with your little ones.

Items needed:

*Lifesavers {assorted colors}
*String/Floss {something for hanging the ornaments}
*Straws {for making holes in the ornaments}
*Aluminum Foil

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and then while it's heating, pass out a small piece {4 inch x 4 inch is adequate} of foil to each child, along with an assortment of candies. Have the kids arrange the lifesavers on the foil, creating a design of their choosing. Transfer foil and candies onto a cookie sheet and place in heated oven for 8 minutes. Once all of the candies have melted remove the cookie sheet from the oven and allow to cool. After appoximately 3-4 minutes, punch holes into ornaments using a straw. If the candy is still too hot, wait a minute then try again. Then, allow ornaments to cool completely. Once hardened, remove ornament from the foil and attach string. Voila...homemade stained glass ornaments. Not only are they pretty, but also tasty.

5- Peppermint Bark Hot Cocoa Stir-ers. We are a hot cocoa people. It isn't unusal to find me or one of the little dears sipping a hot, steaming cup in July. We drink it whenever...doesn't matter if it's 105 degrees outside. But, at Christmas, we amp it up a bit by giving it a festive spin...peppermint. The kiddies and I came up with the idea of plastic spoons dipped in peppermint bark. It's super cheap, super simple and super delish. And, they make awesome gifts for teachers and neighbors too. Throw a couple into a cellophane bag along with some hot cocoa mix and have yourself a delicious and festive gift for practically nothing.

Here are the {deets}...should you decide to make some

*12 oz. bag of white chocolate morsels
*8-10 candy canes {more if you want it super pepperminty, or less if you don't}
*plastic spoons

Start by crushing up the candy canes. Unwrap candy canes and place in a gallon size bag. Seal bag, then beat the living daylights out of it. We tend to use whatever's nearby...plastic lightsaber or heavy duty action figure, but you could also use a rolling pin or heavy bottom glass {just don't let the kiddies crush if you're using something that could shatter or break...oh, and be careful}. Set the candy canes aside and begin melting chocolate. You can either do so on a double boiler or in the microwave {melt 6 oz. or half the bag in 30 second increments, stirring between each. Once completely melted, stir in remaining 6 oz. of morsels and mix until melted.} Pour crushed candy canes into chocolate and mix again. Finally, dip spoons into chocolate mixture leaving a generous amount of mixture on the spoon. Set onto a lightly greased cookie sheet. You will get approximately 20-24 spoons out of the mixture depending on how full you fill the spoons. Place cookie sheet in refrigerator til cool. Once hardened they are ready to use. Whip up your favorite batch of hot cocoa and use one of these baby's to stir some festiveness into it.

Those are just a few of our favorite traditions.
And, here are a few other holiday traditions you might consider if you're looking for something new to try this holiday season.

1- Elf dinner. Watch the movie Elf, then for dinner afterwards, have a delightful and healthy meal of spaghetti noodles topped with maple syrup, and various assortment of cookies and candies. {Pssst, my friend actually does this with her kids. She's a great mom. My stomach heaveth, just thinking about it}.

2- Ugly sweater party. Invite a few besty's over and have a good laugh at all of the heinous, holiday fashion. Oh and have a cheeseball...I love a good cheeseball.

3- {K, I probably shouldn't share this one, but I know that none of you will sic {DCFS} on me, right...RIGHT?} Christmas Eve Magic Potion...aka. Benadryl. I've never engaged in this "tradition", but I know someone who has...once. Her kid ratted her out. But don't worry gurl, your secret's safe with me. Just sharing it with a few friends on the net. *this is meant only as a joke, in no way do I endorse the unnecessary "juicing" of one's child.

4- Secret Santa. It's always nice to incorporate a little service into the holiday. Have each family member draw a name and then for the entire week prior to {Christmas} leave a little special something on that special someone's pillow. It doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming...a note expressing your gratitude for the person or a handmade coupon for an act of service they can redeem later on will do. You'd be surprised how big an impact the small and simple things produce.

5- Who-bilation- Throw a Dr. Suess inspired holiday dinner...complete with who-hash {potatoes} and roast beast {roast beef}. Every one dresses up as who-ish as they can...protruding pig tails, untamed bed head etc. And remember this is the only time stripes and plaids ever go together.

If you have any humorous, fun, sentimental or {unique} holiday traditions? Feel free to comment and share. The more the merrier.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas came early...and more crap for the Christmas tree.

I was so stinkin' proud of myself for not spending any money on my Christmas tree I decided to {reward} myself by...spending money (oh the irony).
I went shopping, but just to the thrift store. I prefer to think of it more as a {charitable} donation, since my thrift store is a church run establishment...just doin' my part to help the world peeps.

Anywho, I frequent the establishment looking for {treasures} to take to the shop. But it's been awhile since I bought anything for myself...until today.

Wanna see some of the {gems} I came home with?


This awesome, silver {teacup}

and silver {creamer}.

It's like they were just {waiting} for me to find them. I didn't even wait to take before pics. I just crammed 'em right into the tree when I got home I was so excited.
I also found these cute, little, chandelier light shades.

I have a {weakness} for lamp shades, especially the kind I can deconstruct and turn into {skeleton} shades...which I did with these.

Wanna take a {guess} what I did with them? Yup, straight to the Christmas tree they went.

And this {square}, silver platter and silver bowl.

You guessed it, {into} the tree they went too.

Oh, and some awesome {ironstone} dinner and salad plates...and a couple of {porcelain} platters. I have a fun and easy teacher/friend/neighbor gift in mind using these, so stay tuned. {Or maybe I'll just stuff them in the tree :)}

Wooden pears anyone? Everyone needs at least one wood {pear}, right? For {$.75} a piece I couldn't resist. Besides, they would look good in my tree.

A cool, {sheet metal}, magnet board

I actually like the backside better. You can see all of the rust and patina.

And yes, I am {considering} shoving this item into the tree as well.

Finally, the {best} find of all...a vintage, steamer {trunk}. It was only {$25} people. I've been staring at it since I brough it home. I think it's {fair} to say that I'm in {love}. I haven't loved anything this madly since Jason Priestly.

Merry Christmas to me! Isn't she {lovely}?

Now, you know that if my beloved {trunk} were smaller she'd be shoved up in the tree too. But since she is a bigger gal, I think I'll use her as a {coffee table} instead.