Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas came early...and more crap for the Christmas tree.

I was so stinkin' proud of myself for not spending any money on my Christmas tree I decided to {reward} myself by...spending money (oh the irony).
I went shopping, but just to the thrift store. I prefer to think of it more as a {charitable} donation, since my thrift store is a church run establishment...just doin' my part to help the world peeps.

Anywho, I frequent the establishment looking for {treasures} to take to the shop. But it's been awhile since I bought anything for myself...until today.

Wanna see some of the {gems} I came home with?


This awesome, silver {teacup}

and silver {creamer}.

It's like they were just {waiting} for me to find them. I didn't even wait to take before pics. I just crammed 'em right into the tree when I got home I was so excited.
I also found these cute, little, chandelier light shades.

I have a {weakness} for lamp shades, especially the kind I can deconstruct and turn into {skeleton} shades...which I did with these.

Wanna take a {guess} what I did with them? Yup, straight to the Christmas tree they went.

And this {square}, silver platter and silver bowl.

You guessed it, {into} the tree they went too.

Oh, and some awesome {ironstone} dinner and salad plates...and a couple of {porcelain} platters. I have a fun and easy teacher/friend/neighbor gift in mind using these, so stay tuned. {Or maybe I'll just stuff them in the tree :)}

Wooden pears anyone? Everyone needs at least one wood {pear}, right? For {$.75} a piece I couldn't resist. Besides, they would look good in my tree.

A cool, {sheet metal}, magnet board

I actually like the backside better. You can see all of the rust and patina.

And yes, I am {considering} shoving this item into the tree as well.

Finally, the {best} find of all...a vintage, steamer {trunk}. It was only {$25} people. I've been staring at it since I brough it home. I think it's {fair} to say that I'm in {love}. I haven't loved anything this madly since Jason Priestly.

Merry Christmas to me! Isn't she {lovely}?

Now, you know that if my beloved {trunk} were smaller she'd be shoved up in the tree too. But since she is a bigger gal, I think I'll use her as a {coffee table} instead.


  1. Love the trunk! I did one similar and added casters...check it out :)

  2. I'm your newest follower.


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