Monday, June 2, 2014

Confessions of a plant murderer!

Normally, I wouldn't be one to promote the use of live greenery in one's house.  It isn't that I don't love plants and all manner of shrubbery, it's just that I tend to favor greenery of the plastic variety as I have the world's worst green thumb!

Nay,  I have a black the blackest thumb there ever was.

My thumb is a nebulous of dark matter...a black hole! 

I am a plant murderer!

What I'm trying to say is that my track record with living plants is quite gruesome.  It could have something to do with the fact that, much like children, plants actually require attention, water, feeding and sunlight.  {Frankly, I'm lucky if my kids get all those things let alone the quiet, little fern sitting in the corner.}

Anywho, I've decided that I am ready to take on more responsibility.  I am ready for the added commitment of taking care of an actual live plant.  Actually, more like seven.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew!

But I gotta be honest with you.  There is something very refreshing about having live plants indoors.  I suppose it could have something to do with the whole "plants make oxygen" thing, but more than that, plants just really warm up and soften a space.  And, they look really, really good...especially when they aren't withered and dead!

So, if you're anything like me and love the notion of live plants indoor but have a horrific track record when it comes to keeping them alive, I've compiled a short list of some of my current favorite plants which also just happen to be some of the most resilient, most difficult to kill plants there ever were.  You're welcome!

As a life long resident of the desert, I have a natural affinity for... 


The best feature of these little beauties is that they are meant to survive without water...they are totally up my alley!  But, they are also gorgeous.

I love all of the varied colors and the thick, fleshy leaves {due to the water they are storing}.
They are relatively inexpensive…around $3 for small plant and around $15 for a larger plant.   They can be found at most nurseries or garden centers.  In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any succulent.  They are all really beautiful, but my current faves are... 

Burros tail This one currently resides in my son's room…which is in the dungeon {basement}.  I literally haven't watered it in a month and guess what?…

 Not dead!  Yee-haw!!!

This flapjack succulent is a recent addition.  I love the large, flat, purple tipped leaves.  Granted it hasn't been in my care for long…four days, but so far it's holding up.

Snake plant or African spear plant {not really a succulent, but never the less, difficult to kill…or so I'm told}
My kids have really taken to this plant.  In fact, they've been caught using it to sword fight with several times.  Good luck lil' buddy.


Ferns are a hearty plant, making them a great option for someone like me.

 Right now my fern of choice is the birds nest fern.  They have little curly tendrils originating from the center of the plant that eventually flatten out and become beautiful, ruffled leaves.

Aside from {weekly} watering and monthly ferts {that's short for fertilization} these plants don't require much care and are extremely low maintenance.


Caring for a ficus is much like caring for a fern.  They require the obvious things:  water, sunlight and monthly ferts, but not much more than that.

My very most favorite plant ever right now is the fiddle leaf fig plant/tree.  They are in the ficus family and are native to tropical climates so they thrive in warm, humid environments.  But, they are tough plants which makes them capable of withstanding less-than-perfect conditions.

The large, leathery leaves are my favorite thing about this plant.
They vaguely resemble a violin and look like something right out of Jurassic Park…come to think of it, most of the plants I featured look like they came from "dinosaur times".


I found this little guy at Ikea for $19.99…I know, super cheap, but it is the most expensive plant I have in my house.

I'll be honest, I'm a little concerned about the possible plant carnage I might encounter in the upcoming weeks/months.  But, up until now, I haven't had a problem staying on top of caring for my new additions…I've even managed to remember to feed my kiddos too.  Holla!

So, have I convinced you to run out and by a bum load of plants?  Awesome!

Then you're gonna wanna stay tuned for a super easy, totally related tutorial that will take your plants from prehistoric to prehistor-chic!!!  {Oh, yes I did!}

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