Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nine Cheap and Simple Projects for Getting you House Halloween Ready

This post if for all of you die hard Halloween fans!

You may or may not know that Fall is my all time favorite season and Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.

When my kiddos were smaller and life was a little less hectic, I used to start decorating for Halloween August 1st.  I would hold off on decorating the outside of the house until Labor Day weekend, but the inside was usually decked out two or three months before the actual day.  And now that the kiddos are starting to get a little older, I have big plans for Halloween.  It may not happen this year, but it will happen...mark my words.  The goal is to wrangle up enough friends to put on our own production of "Thriller".  Picture this...a thick layer of fog all over the ground, with the tops of gravestones barely visible.  Then...BAM, all of  a sudden Michael Jackson's "Thriller" starts playing and from everywhere bodies start rising from the fog, methodically and uniformly twitching to the beat of the music.  Ahh, wouldn't it just be the coolest!!!  One of these Halloween's in the near future, it will happen...and it will be EPIC!

Anyway, back to the point of this post.
For whatever reason, the changing of the seasons get me as giddy and excited as a school girl.  I find myself burning pumpkin scented candles, watching "Gilmore Girls" and searching for fun new Halloween crafts to set the mood.  So, I thought I'd share a few ideas for getting your house perfectly "haunted" for Halloween.

Make your own potion bottles
All this project requires is some empty bottles, black spray paint and some handwritten labels.  I've also found some printable "potion labels" on pinterest that are really cool.  And be sure to present them on an old vintage platter...readily accessible at most thrift stores.

Make a Spooky Halloween Village
By simply painting some craft store birdhouses with black spray paint, you create an eerie Halloween village.

Make your own Spell Books
This was a little DIY project I did a few years back.  You can go here for the original post.  All it took was some old books, a brown paper bag, Modge Podge and some Halloween themed scrapbook paper.  My kids think these are so cool! 

Make a Super Cheap Halloween Wreath
This is another cheap and simple DIY project I came up with a few years ago.  All you need are some old book pages, an old picture frame and some hot glue.  Go here for the original post.

Make a Super Cheap Halloween Garland/Bunting
All you need for this project is some old book pages, leftover fabric or ribbon and a printer.  Go here for the original post.

Make some Tattered Drapes for the Porch or Inside the house
Using inexpensive cheesecloth, you can create a perfectly haunting entrance to your front door or around your interior windows.   Ooh Eeee Ooh!

Make some "Halloween" Terrariums
Using old pickle and jam jars, a stick from the yard and some moss you can create these creepy terrariums for super cheap.  

Create A Creepy Art/Photo Gallery
Blacken out the eyes on all your family photos using a black dry erase marker on the glass.  When Halloween is over, you can just wipe of the ink.

Give your Porch to The Birds
Instead of the typical haunted cemetery, why not create a haunted forest using some branches and dollar store crows instead.

All right, bring on the Trick-Or-Treaters!!!

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