Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carpet in the kids room...finally.

The kids' room has new carpet...finally!
What a glorious feeling it is to walk in the room and smell new carpet instead cat pee. 
If a girl could be in love with carpet, then this carpet would be it for me.  It is so fun and colorful and sophisticated and....well, here just take a look for yourself.

I was giddy when I came across these carpet tiles on  I had been wanting to try some of their product for a long time and I finally just bit the bullet and did it.  They are a bit of an investment, but the trade off is that the carpet is totally modular.  If you end up moving or decide you want the carpet in a different area you just gather them up and you're on your way.  I just love that!!!
Oh, and did I mention that right now everything at is 25% off? And no,  I am not sponsered by these guys, but I totally should be.  I just wanted to share the wealth, or savings rather, should you be interested in getting your floor/flor on.

The tiles themselves are super easy to lay, but I didn't realize until after I had purchased them that they cannot be put down directly onto radiant heat...which we have.  So, before I could lay the carpet, I had to put down some new flooring as a buffer.  I ended up using some laminate from Ikea, which I also love...though more just as a friend.

The motif of the room didn't really seem to jive with the new carpet, so I did a little tweaking and revamped the rest of the space while I was at it, but that's a post for another tomorrow.

I'm off to the mall with the kiddies to make a stuffed bear or something.  But if you're in the mood for some more kids room inspo, check out some fabulous ideas here on a great new DIY/all things home site I just came across (  I'm already making plans for my next kids room redo.

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