Saturday, April 20, 2013 Feature

Good morning, friends!

Not sure how things are in your neck of the woods.  It's a bit wet and rainy in these parts.  I don't mind the rain if I can sit inside sipping hot cocoa and watching Bath Crashers...the T.V. show, not my real life drama.  But I do mind when I have to head out to a soccer game and sit in if for an hour.  Fingers crossed the wetness stops and is completed evaporated in an hour.

Anywho, a few months back, I was contacted by someome from the asking if they could feature me and my little blog.  I was a bit surprised, as my blog is not really a big deal...more of my online diary/idea book.  But, I happily agreed.

Anywho-anywho, my feature was just posted {I discuss how Retropolitan came to be, where I find my inspiration and give a few tips on how you can quickly and inexpensively liven up your home and make it feel fresh again}.

So for those of you not familiar with, please do me a solid and help me show them some love by heading on over and checking them out.  They've got other really great articles and links on all sorts of "mommy" related topics -recipes, crafts, coupons, testimonials... 


In other news, Studly recently found out that he won a trip to...Bora Bora {we leave in a week and a half}.  Holy crap!  Where is that even?  Whatever, I will look at a map later.  But, can you believe it?  

I don't think I've ever seen a place so beautiful.

I would be over the moon excited, I mean I am over the moon excited about it.  But I'm a little anxious about leaving my five, crazy kiddos and then flying for ten hours.  I only have a two, deep to the core, fears...snakes {anything appendage-less} and heights /falling from great heights {here's where the flying thing comes into play}...oh, and bumping into David Beckham in my mommy pants, sans make-up.  

Any tips from you seasoned travelers on how I can knock myself out for ten hours straight, so I'm not "white knuckling" it through the entire flight?  

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