Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gold is Good- Part inexpensive upcycle

I bought some of these dainty, little vases at Ikea a while back.  

I didn't mind them.  They were cute {and perfectly priced at $3 a piece.  But, they were just a little to Ikea-y...if you know what I mean}.  I thought that giving them a customized make-over would be the perfect little and easy.

Gold has been my go to color as of late.  I still love wood, and white and turquoise...but throw in a hint of gold and well, you're golden.  Gold is great for adding warmth, richness and visual interest to a space.

I knew with a little gold spray paint I could turn these simple vases into jewels.

I started by taping off what I didn't want painted.

Then I went to town with gold spray paint.
I really like Rust-oleum's metallic spray paint. 

It dries really shiny, really smooth, and really even.  And it gives really good coverage.

After I removed the tape, I noticed some very unsightly bleed through {don't you just hate that?}. 
 So, I devised a way to get a nice, clean edge.

The secret, a thick rubber band...readily found in any junk drawer.  
The rubber band stays nice and snug against the item being painted and can accomodate any variations {bumps or dents} in the surface.

I taped right up the edge of the painted line, then put the rubber band on so that it just overlapped the tape.  Then I tried painting again.

See how much nicer the edge turned out this time?

And here they all are together.  Aren't they cute?  The have so much more personality now.

I'm still shuffling them around, trying to find their new home.  But I don't really think it matters.  These little gems will look great anywhere.

On a side table...

 or on a coffee table...

So, if you have any items lying around the house in need of a little personality, why not grab a can of gold spray paint and see what happens.  Just try to use a little restraint.  You don't wanna turn your house into the Taj Mahal.

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  1. They look great -- and the rubber band is a great tip!



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