Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biding My Time aka. It's All In The Details-Part Deux aka. Things To Do While My Demon House Lashes Out

So while I'm waiting for the bid to come in on the work that has to be done in the basement, I've decided to catch up on a few more little projects.  I think if I tried to start a big project right now I'd probably have a nervous breakdown...and mama don't need that.  Here are a couple pics of my deconstructed basement.

The damage wasn't horrible, but because it was poo water, everything has to be ripped out...but enough about that for now.

All of the kiddos bedrooms are mid renovation...I've started on them, but haven't totally completed them. 

In the nursery/little kiddies room I've been using this green, mid century style nightstand for awhile. 
I love the style and shape of it, but I'm not really feeling the green anymore, so I thought now would be a good time to work off some nervous energy by giving it a fabulous make over.
{Once upon a time, the thought of stripping the paint of furniture used to rank right up there with the notion of moving...arduous, time consuming, and a major pain in the neck.  But I soon realized that it's not as bad as it's been made out to be.  In fact, I actually enjoy stripping paint.  There's something very satisfying about removing old paint to reveal something beautiful and natural that's hiding underneath.  It's like...finding buried treasure...except without the little bowl and strainer thingy.}

I started by stripping the paint off of the drawers. 

I really love the aesthetic of paint and natural wood together.  Some of you may remember the dresser I revamped recently for my daughter's room.

I particularly love the combination of white paint and wood.  I think it's super classy and sophisticated.  But, since this nightstand will be going into a nursery/kiddie room, I wanted to make it fun.  I opted to use turquoise paint instead {Krylon's Ocean Blue is my go to}.
After all of the paint and old top finish was removed I cleaned the wood with Afterwash{available at any home improvement store}.

Then I stained the wood

and applied a couple coats of wax to seal and protect it. 
I love wax.  I haven't done that much research in terms of how it holds up compared to a polyurethane/polyacrylic sealer, but I much prefer to work with wax.  It's so much easier, and if you find a citrus's also smells better.  And as an added bonus, the finish on the wood looks so much more natural.

Here she is now.  No too shabby, eh?  I like the little pop of blue in the room.

The other little project I completed was this little writing area in my daughters room. 
{note:  contact paper plus swamp cooler equals rolling and shrinking.  Oh well, at least I know that I like the wood look on that wall.  Just one more job to add the list}.
I've tried out several different chairs over the past little while, but just haven't been able to find the right one.  Then I remembered the cute little tree stump end table I purchased a few months ago and new it would be the perfect addition to the room...and it was-just the right fit for the space.  Done!

There are plenty more projects where those came from.  Good thing too, because with all of the shenanigans going on with the house lately, I could have bum loads of nervous energy to work off in the next little while.  Fingers crossed, though, that this demon house has finally been exorcised.

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