Friday, June 15, 2012

War's A Waging On The Homefront

Battle of the Attic Leak

The battle began last weekend, when Studs and I stumbled upon this horrific sight in our bedroom.
No one expects to walk into their sanctuary and find a gaping hole in the ceiling and drywall lying in a heap on the floor...btw, the insulation from the attic made for a very fun clean up.

Studly used some of the detective skills he picked up watching Castle and got to work searching for the culprit behind the gruesome murder of our ceiling.  Turns out is was but a little leak in one of the cooling unit ducts.  {sometimes it is the smallest things that cause the biggest problems...don't believe me, just ask someone with a tape worm.}

We got the leak patched up and are now praying that another one doesn't pop up somewhere else down the line.  This is already the second or third drywall massacre due to a leak.  When I {lovingly} refer to the house as a money pit, now you'll know that I'm not exaggerating.  I guess the one nice thing to come out of this whole mess is the possiblity of a new wall color.  The glass is always half full peeps, always half full.

Battle of the Mold

Imagine the horror when Studly started de-tiling the bath tub surround and came across yet another horrific sight.

Is that black mold?  I dunno know for sure  The sight of it makes my throat burn and my lungs hurt regardless. 

Looks like the master bath revamp I thought would take some convincing is a GO for sure now.
There's nothing more motivating than the possiblility of lifelong health issues...bleeding lungs, blindness, brain damage...DEATH, to get a job done.

Remember how I said the glass is always half full.  It's all about attitude baby.

Looks like I may have a date with a claw foot tub sooner than I thought.

The battles may have been lost, but the war has been won this time, methinks.  Boo-ya!!!

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  1. I love it when a disaster becomes a possibility!
    Great attitude!


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